Poll Watchers Push Notice - Vol-004 No-022

 Logic and Accuracy

Testing - 4/10/24

DCRP Poll Watchers,


Watchers, please be aware that the logic and accuracy testing for the 5/28/24 Joint Primary Runoff Election will get underway at 10:00 AM tomorrow at the Election department. It will be underway for the next few days. Please be aware that this process is open to the public, so you will not need to be certified or appointed to be a poll watcher to observe this testing. If you would be interested in observing this process for a time, please confirm attendance at Dallas gop.org/contact-us.  Also, feel free to contact Wes Bowen @ or (214) 632-1244 for information on how to effectively observe this process.



Wes Bowen

DCRP Election Integrity Committee Chair

(214) 632-1244 (Mobile)


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