Write-In Candidate Earl Jackson Needs Your Help:

We Need People To Serve As Polling Place Greeters

Earl Jackson is a write-in candidate for District Judge, for the 301st Judicial District in Dallas County. As a write-in candidate, voters have to use a special procedure to vote for Earl.


Earl needs volunteers to serve as "Polling Place Greeters" to stand outside Voting Centers (outside of the "No Electioneering Beyond This Point markers), greet potential voters as they arrive, ask them to vote for Earl and explain the write-in procedure.


There are 52 Early Voting Centers, which are open from 7am-7pm. The last 2 days of Early Voting the locations are open until 9 pm. We would like to recruit enough volunteers to have Greeters at every Early Voting Center.


If you are willing to help, submit the short form below. Upon submission, you will get an acknowledgment (both onscreen and in e-mail - check your SPAM folder) and a copy will be sent to Earl's campaign for assignment to a Voting Center that is most in need of a Greeter. Someone from his campaign will be in touch with you. Materials will be furnished.


We have a real opportunity to win this seat but we need your help to serve as greeters. Polling Place Greeters are always important but doubly so for write-in candidates.

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