For Election Day Voting

Alert for Presiding and Alternate Election Judges

Please let us know immediately if you have observed an offline e-poll book(s) used to check-in a voter in this election, or also let us know immediately if you have seen an e-pollbook that reflected a checked in voters number different than your manual sign in roster, or if you have observed a different total checked in voters number from one EPoll Book to another. Also if any EPoll Books were offline for a prolonged period of time.  If you have any notes on the number of voters that may have been checked in offline, please turn those in after the election as well.  There is an Affidavit attached in word format for you to use.  We are compiling evidence to demonstrate that EPoll books are neither reliable or transparent. We need your responses as soon as possible. sent to:  


Thank you for serving as a Preceding or Alternate Judge for the Republican Party.



Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu



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