Rodney Anderson Elected as Dallas County Republican Party Chairman

Dallas, TX ― Former Texas State Representative (HD-105), Rodney Anderson was elected as Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party at the Executive Committee Special Meeting on Monday, May 20, 2019. The seat became vacant with the sudden passing of the late Chairwoman Missy Shorey.

After leading in all three rounds of voting among the Executive Committee, Anderson secured victory by a solid majority of votes.

Chairman Anderson states, “It is a privilege to serve the Dallas County Republican Party. As Chairman, I will protect the existing offices held by Republicans while recruiting strong, viable candidates, guarantee all individuals within our party have a voice and a seat at the table, ensure ballot security and election integrity, and broaden the base of our support.”
Comprised of many individuals who fundamentally agree on the principles of limited government, lower taxes, individual responsibility, and personal freedom, the Dallas County Republican Party has elected a leader who understands that each group, collectively should have a seat at the table, unifying the party for a common cause.
Chairman Anderson states, “The 2020 election cycle in Dallas County is shaping up to be an extremely complex political puzzle. Campaign experience in building coalitions, analyzing precinct and election data, and fostering a unified Republican brand will be absolutely critical. Together, we will take the fight to the Democrats and create a path to victory.”

Among a diverse group of supporters, Chairman Anderson received endorsements from Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24), former members of the Texas House of Representatives: Cindy Burkett and Kenneth Sheets, and their political rivals: Bunni Pounds and Jonathan Boos.


Celebration of Life Service for Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey on May 10th at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas

Dallas, TX ― The Dallas County Republican Party welcomes all to attend a Celebration of Life Service for Chairwoman Missy Shorey on Friday, May 10, 2019 at the Church of the Incarnation (Address: 3966 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204). The service will begin at 11:00 a.m.

Born on Flag Day in 1971, Missy passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. She is survived by her beloved husband Marc Himelhoch, her parents Lynne and Daniel Shorey, her sister Christina (David) Kay, her mother and father-in-law Paul and Marcia, her brothers-in-law Howard Himelhoch and Scott Himelhoch, and nieces and nephews Charlotte Kay, Alena Kay, Rachel, Wesley, Alexandra, Christina, and William.

Missy was a purpose-driven woman who was loved by all who knew her. She ran her successful company, Shorey Public Relations in Saratoga Springs, New York, and most recently in Dallas, Texas. She also proudly served as the Executive Director for Maggie’s List, taking the federal political action committee to even greater heights in electing fiscally conservative women to the U.S. Congress over crucial election cycles.

Serving as the first Chairwoman of the Dallas County Republican Party, Missy Shorey was a fearless trailblazer and tirelessly led the Party with passion. The Dallas County Republican Party will forever honor Chairwoman Shorey's legacy as we continue defending democracy in 2020 and beyond.

For more information or to share your memories of Chairwoman Shorey, please visit:


Dallas County Republican Party Mourns the Loss of Chairwoman Missy Shorey

Dallas, TX ―The Dallas County Republican Party is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our Chairwoman Missy Shorey. We send our condolences to her husband Marc, and all of her family and friends.
Throughout the day, we have seen numerous tributes to our fearless leader. Many of them calling her, “tireless,” “passionate,” “driven,” “loyal,” “kind,” “dedicated,” “hard-working,” and “a force to be reckoned with.” Missy embodied all of these traits and more.
Being elected as DCRP’s first Chairwoman might have caused some to tread lightly into their role, but not Missy. She embraced it fully from the beginning and fulfilled it with true grace and vigor. She was a tireless champion for the Party, its candidates, and mission.
Missy had an infectious spirit that inspired many. We are grateful for the blessing we have had to know her and to work with her, and even more importantly, to call her a friend.
We will mourn this loss deeply for many, many, many days to come, and we ask that you join us in keeping Marc and Missy’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.


Dallas Area Democrat Representatives Skip Hearing on Bill to Protect Live Birth Abortion Survivors

Dallas, TX ― Public testimony on a bill to protect live birth abortion survivors was scheduled for Monday morning, until Democrat State Representatives, Victoria Neave (HD-107) Julie Johnson (HD-115) and Yvonne Davis (HD-111) were conspicuously absent for the House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence hearing of H.B.16. The bill would require doctors to provide medical care to infants who survived an abortion procedure.
Due to their absence, the hearing was delayed until Representative Morgan Meyer (HD-108) arrived after a delayed flight in which he informed the committee Chairman in advance. His attendance allowed for the minimum number of committee members needed for a quorum, and although the hearing was rescheduled for later that afternoon, the Democratic lawmakers refused to attend.
Democrat State Representatives, Victoria Neave (HD-107), Julie Johnson (HD-115), Yvonne Davis (HD-111), along with Jessica Farrar (HD-148) who also protested the hearing, release a joint statement unapologetically calling the proposed legislation “unnecessary legislation.” 
The four Democratic lawmakers missed testimony from three abortion survivors: Clare Culwell of Pflugerville, Carrie Fischer of Houston, and Gianna Jessen of Nashville who advocated for the bill, arguing that it was necessary to protect lives like their own. Current national law as of 2002 provides legal protections for infants born after abortion procedures. This Republican-sponsored bill would add enforcement mechanisms and subject offending doctors to fines starting at $100,000.
Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey responds, “By not showing up for the hearing, Dallas Democrats elected to serve North Texans instead serve a murderous agenda where radical infanticide ideas of the left are not confined to liberal states like New York, but have become the standard of the Democratic Partyeven in Dallas County, Texas. Not only are they seemingly opposed to providing health care to children lucky enough to survive this heinous procedure, but they also do not even want to debate the subject and explain to Texans why they endorse such radical ideas.”
Shorey continues, “We are ashamed for Dallas area Democrat Representatives for not having the courage to explain to abortion survivors why children like them do not deserve to be given further legal protections.”  
The Dallas County Republican Party thanks local Representatives, Morgan Meyer (HD-108) and Angie Chen Button (HD-112) for co-authoring this bill and courageously supporting the right to life of children that survive abortion.


Statement from Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey on Completion and Submission of Mueller Report

Dallas, TX ―Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “With the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, we hope this will put an end to speculation and innuendo from leftist bent on trying to overturn the election results of 2016 that placed Republican President Donald J. Trump in the White House. President Trump consistently calls out this costly, $25 million investigation as a witch hunt, so putting this matter to rest will allow us to focus on expanding opportunity for Americans while we enjoy record unemployment for women and minorities. We need to now go back to prioritizing what is really important to our country: taking care of the American people, growing our economy, and strengthening our national security." 
Chairwoman Shorey continues, “We anticipate that Democrats, who increasingly kowtow to radical Socialists, will continue to try and clog up Congress with further investigations instead of governing and seeking areas of agreement so our nation can continue to prosper and protect our people.”


Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey Reminds Voters Why Robert Francis O’Rourke Lost in Texas and Why His Complete Lack of Substance is Not Ready for The White House

Dallas, TX-  In light of the growing list of Democrats who are hoping to challenge President Donald J. Trump in 2020, former Democratic Congressman, Robert Francis O’Rourke has finally announced his intention to run for president after his unsuccessful campaign against U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman, Missy Shorey weighs in on O’Rourke’s long-awaited announcement.
Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Shorey states, “The reality is that Beto will lose again, and as Texans we will share our sincere concerns about a Socialist whose skill set is limited to teasing out announcements, standing on restaurant countertops and only being able to pass one piece of legislation after six years in the U.S. House – renaming a courthouse.”
O’Rourke’s socialist agenda of raising taxes to unprecedented amounts and expanding the federal government beyond its constitutional limits is something that Americans cannot afford. As Democrats continue to support policies that are catastrophic for American families and businesses, the Dallas County Republican Party will remain steadfast in its efforts to fight against government abuse. As the latest presidential candidate to back the Green New Deal, O’Rourke has made it clear that he would rather play politics, than support policies that contribute to the well-being of our country and the growth of our economy.
“2020 will be a showdown on socialism, and we Republicans will take the fight to them,” said Chairwoman Shorey. “We are very clear that we are running on a record of amazing job growth and opportunity, whereas the left is literally trying to tax every family $600,000 per household for their Green New raw Deal.”


Dallas County Republican Party Proudly Announces Headline Speakers for 2019 Reagan Day Dinner;

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, (Fmr.), Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, (Fmr.), Founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk and Commissioner Ryan Sitton

Dallas, TX ― Guests at the Dallas County Republican Party Reagan Day Dinner will be the first to hear the untold stories about what is really happening in Washington, along with first-hand experiences about the impact of removing regulatory red tape and reforming government bureaucracy to perform for the people on Thursday, March 21, 2019. In addition, the audience will walk away with the latest updates about college campus life in terms of young people defending their freedom of speech and Constitutional rights, along with essential leadership lessons in today’s political environment as Republicans gear up for election 2020.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “The voters of Dallas County are watching what is going on in Washington, D.C. and are deeply concerned. They are sickened by the rise of socialism Nancy Pelosi and other leftists are forcing on the American people. We are fortunate to hear first-hand about the realities of the “Deep State” from multiple leaders with Cabinet experience. We are excited to learn personal insights regarding important reforms being made in the United States such as reducing burdensome regulations, creating opportunity with 4 million new jobs since the election, achieving historically low unemployment for people of all backgrounds, promoting domestic energy production, and modernizing the military to face today’s security needs – this is the news that is rarely reported and is reshaping America and Dallas County for the better.”
As EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt served as the 14th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Previously, he served as a member of the Oklahoma Senate and as the Attorney General of Oklahoma. As the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, he was responsible for enforcing environmental statutes, including the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.
As Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke served as the 52nd United States Secretary of the Interior. Prior to his appointment, he served in the U.S. Navy for 23 years, and became the first U.S. Navy SEAL Commander to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. As the Secretary of the Interior, Zinke led the agency of more than 70,000 employees who oversee the development of conventional and renewable energy supplies on public lands and water.
Top state-wide elected official and Railroad Commissioner, Ryan Sitton serves in the oldest regulatory agency in the state, overseeing the oil and gas industry across Texas. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Commissioner Sitton has been recognized as one of the 40 most influential leaders under the age of 40 in the Houston area, and has provided expert testimony in both regulatory and civil court cases.
Charlie Kirk is the Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA, a national student movement bolstering conservative principles of free markets and limited government.
Dallas County Republican Party Finance Chairman Doug Deason states, “We are honored to have EPA Administrator Pruitt, Secretary Zinke, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, and Commissioner Ryan Sitton join us as speakers for the 2019 Reagan Day Dinner. Their experience serving at the highest level of government and activism is ushering in a new era of business innovation and freedom that can be felt here in Dallas County and throughout the nation.”
As part of the general Reagan Day Dinner program, the recipient of the Fred Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award will be announced. The Fred Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award is given each year to a member of the Republican Party who has made significant contributions to the GOP in local, state, and national elections.
For more information and for ticket availability, please visit the donate section:




Kathryn Dalke

Dallas, TX- Dr. Shahid Shafi, who also serves as a City Councilman for Southlake, will lead a Municipal Campaign 101 Workshop at the Dallas County Republican Party headquarters on February 9, 2019 from 1:00pm-5:00pm. Whether you are interested in running for office, helping a friend run for office, or simply curious about the essentials in campaigning, this event is an opportunity to learn how to run an effective campaign.

Chairwoman Missy Shorey states “Dr. Shafi is in high demand across Texas, and DCRP is excited to provide his expert training to our candidates and their campaign teams.”

Dallas County Republican Headquarters is located at 11617 N. Central Expy #240 Dallas, Texas 75243.

The candidate filing deadline for the Dallas County Municipal Election is February 15, 2019. Please contact Dallas County Republican Party with any questions at or 214-369-9555. 


Brian Flores

Dallas, TX – Governor Greg Abbott gave his biannual State of the State Address to the Texas House of Representatives this afternoon. In the address, Governor Abbott highlighted accomplishments in the Lone Star State and also expressed five emergency items for the 86th Texas Legislative Session.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “Dallas County is thriving due to Republican policies championed by Governor Greg Abbott and elected Republican officials in Texas. As the State of the State address makes clear - Texas has the fastest-growing economy in America; ranks #1 for women entrepreneurs and leads the nation in jobs created by African-American business owners and by Hispanic business owners. Texas also ranks #1 in the nation for oil and gas production, and has led the nation in exports for 16 years, including technology exports for five years in a row.”

Chairwoman Shorey continues, “There is much to be proud of as a Texan. Dynamic workers, small business and industry based in Dallas County are clearly integral to our state’s overall success. Yet, we must continue to focus on the future by ensuring quality education while rewarding teachers and innovation that delivers results. Equally important to the future, we must rein in property tax rate hikes that squeeze the middle class and threaten seniors trying to stay in the homes they have spent decades paying for. In order to protect our future, Dallas County government officials need to be working with the policy priorities of  Governor Abbott and Republican majority Texas Legislature - not playing politics in order to preserve power to hike property taxes without letting the people have a real say.”

“Dallas County government officials, predominantly Democrats, are already pushing back on Republican efforts to relieve homeowners of soaring property taxes,” says Shorey. “Democrat officials, including County Judge Clay Jenkins, want to preserve higher tax rates while resisting much-needed reforms. Do not be fooled by their rhetoric - raising taxes is their way to cover up mismanagement. For example, a recent city audit disclosed the City of Dallas provided the non-profit organization VisitDallas with $146 million taxpayer dollars that was mismanaged in a five-year period. Add to this the Dallas County Schools bus-service corruption, prosecuted by the FBI, that left Dallas County taxpayers on the hook for over $100 million in debt."

“The key is not to raise taxes on hard-working Dallas County residents,” states Chairwoman Shorey, “but to provide better government in Dallas County that fosters even greater growth and innovation that serve or citizens.”

February 15, 2019, is candidate filing deadline for the Dallas County Municipal Elections. The 86th Texas Legislative Session will conclude on May 27, 2019.


Brian Flores

Dallas, TX –  As the process to ensure ballot integrity evolves, the Texas Secretary of State’s Advisory on Voter Registration List Maintenance initially identified 9,938 non-U.S. citizens as registered to vote in Dallas County since 1996, revising the figure to 8,223 as registered to vote with 6,260 having voted in elections. The Dallas County Republican Party calls on the Dallas County Elections Department to support a full review and active investigation of the 8,223 to 9,938 non-U.S. citizens that registered to vote in Dallas County to determine what elections up to 6,260 non-citizens voted prior to becoming a U.S. citizen or voted without ever having become a citizen.

Registering to vote in the United States while not a U.S. Citizen is a crime. Texas clearly states this on voter application materials where people sign, “I understand that giving false information to procure voter registration is perjury, and a crime under state and federal law. Conviction of this crime may result in imprisonment up to 180 days, a fine up to $2,000, or both...affirm before signing (bullet 1) I am a resident of this county and a U.S. Citizen.”

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “Dallas County reportedly has 8,223 to 9,938 non-U.S. citizens on Dallas County voter rolls - this is a serious concern that demands attention. Registering to vote in the U.S. when you are not a U.S. citizen is a crime plain and simple. Voting in elections, when you are not a U.S. Citizen is a serious crime that undermines the integrity of Dallas County elections that threatens our entire democracy. Dallas County Republicans have zero tolerance for illegal voting and we urge elections officials to work in partnership with the Texas Secretary of State to uphold election integrity where only U.S. Citizens are on Dallas County voter rolls.”

Chairwoman Shorey continues, “Don’t let the debate over initial data deter you, this is an important research effort that comes down to four fundamental focus factors: 1) Determine which people registered to vote in Dallas County while not U.S. Citizens. 2) Determine which elections they voted prior to becoming U.S. Citizens or while not ever becoming U.S. citizens. 3) Remove non-U.S. citizens from the voter rolls in Dallas County. 4) Work in full cooperation and transparency with the Texas Secretary of State and Texas Attorney General’s offices in order to defend democracy in Dallas County and the Lone Star State. In the spirit of partnership, we call on the Dallas County Elections Department to carry out this rigorous review that has the power to enhance trust in our elections system and stand as a positive example for other counties.”

“Having non-U.S. citizens on the voter rolls is a significant blow to election integrity, which already suffers from hundreds, if not thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots believed to be cast in Dallas County each election cycle,” says Shorey. “Even a small number of votes can impact an election. For example, Republican Kenneth Sheets lost by 836 votes in the 2016 Texas House District 107 race. How many votes in HD-107 were fraudulent or ineligible?”

Per the Texas Secretary of State advisory, the Dallas County Elections Office can clarify status of the thousands of individuals in question by requesting a form of identification such as: certified copy of voter's birth certificate; United States passport; Certificate of naturalization.


Dallas, TX – Freshman Democratic Congressman Colin Allred (TX-32) is already misleading voters in today’s Dallas Morning News Op-ed when you compare his words with his deeds. Although he says, “working families and their paychecks shouldn’t be used a political tools,” Allred decided to keep receiving his paycheck during the government shutdown while he voted against measures to pay furloughed workers--twice.

Allred’s priorities are instructive. He carefully promotes this image in men’s fashion magazine GQ, making himself available for a three part interview series. Yet, Allred does not currently have an open and operating district office. His first vote was to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House and he’s been following in lockstep ever since. Allred accepts a federal paycheck when 800,000 workers go without pay while many congressional colleagues reject pay during the government shutdown.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states: “Colin Allred tries to cultivate a sleek image in GQ magazine and concern at a roundtable, but beneath the imagery there are serious inconsistencies. Contrast Allred with the Republican freshmen congressmen that neighbor his district. GOP Congressman Van Taylor (TX-3) and GOP Congressman Lance Gooden (TX-5) both have district offices opened and operating--Allred does not. Both Republican Congressmen have joined over 100 fellow members of congress rejecting pay while the government is shut down--Allred has not. Both have voted to end the government shutdown while properly securing the border--Allred has not.”

Chairwoman Shorey continues: “And here is the real kicker. Mere days after a roundtable with furloughed federal workers in Dallas County, Allred had opportunities to vote twice on two different measures (H J RES 28 and H R 648) that would pay federal workers. Adhering to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wishes, Allred voted against both measures which failed despite support from 16 Democrats. Instead of serving the people of his district, Allred is more interested in supporting Nancy Pelosi and the increasingly socialist agenda the radical left is demanding. Based on his voting record and his latest co-sponsored bill, Allred’s focus is clearly not on furloughed workers or TX-32 but on expanding sub-standard government controlled healthcare in 14 states as part of a socialist agenda. The citizens of TX-32 deserve to be represented by someone who is here to serve us instead of always putting party first with each vote and calculated decision.”

As of the date of this  release, the U.S. government has been partially shut down for 34 days and counting.


Dallas, TX – A new study ranks Texas as the number one state in America for female entrepreneurs in 2019. This is something to celebrate. Factors putting Texas in first place include its business-friendly culture, fair legal system, no corporate or income taxes, high rate of startup growth and quality living standards.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey remarks: “As a woman entrepreneur myself with a 15-year-old company, Texas’s ranking at the top is yet another reason to take pride in our state. People seeking opportunity flock here because of a welcoming business climate, friendly regulatory setting and a can-do attitude where anything is possible in Texas. There is a reason my business and home is in Dallas.”

“Serving as County Chair, it is exciting to meet dynamic businesswomen across the Lone Star State," says Shorey. "Regardless of how we might view particular issues, one thing unites us and that is there is no better place to do business–for both women and men–than in Texas. Each person that starts a business creates opportunities beneficial to all Texans including women, young professionals, minorities and anyone striving to reach their full potential."

Shorey Continues: “Economic growth is directly correlated to Republican policies that lower taxes and replace unnecessary regulations with innovative incentives. These policies have been a staple of the Republican-dominated Texas legislature for over a decade, as described by the Texas Economic Development Corporation. The results speak for themselves. Yet, we are at a pivotal point in history where voters are deciding Texas’s future. Time will tell whether gains by Democrats in the 2018 Midterm will negatively affect growth, but Republicans will work hard to keep Texas prosperous in 2019 and beyond.”

The 86th Texas Legislative Session began on January 8, 2019 and concludes May 27, 2019. Though Democrats picked up 12 seats in the House and two seats in the Senate, Republicans maintain a majority in both chambers


Dallas, TX – A few Tarrant County Republicans have defied Tarrant County Republican Party (TCRP) Chairman Darl Easton and a majority of Republicans voters in Tarrant County by calling for the resignation of TCRP Vice Chair Dr. Shahid Shafi for no other reason than Dr. Shafi’s religious beliefs. The Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) stands with Chairman Easton and Vice Chair Shafi.

DCRP Chairwoman Missy Shorey stated, “Our Republican Party, which is itself beautifully comprised of members from diverse cultural backgrounds, colors and creeds, is part of a larger idea that transcends division. It is in this spirit that I state clearly my support for Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman Darl Easton and especially Vice Chair Dr. Shahid Shafi amid unfair criticism. Moreover, we unequivocally oppose racism and bigotry in any form wherever it is found.”

Chairwoman Shorey continues: “As the Party of Lincoln, the Dallas County Republican Party stands for our core values of freedom, equality and opportunity for all Americans. Discrimination based on religion or any other identity is anathema to our principles – a point restated by Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Resolution In Support of Non-Discrimination , which reaffirms RPT Rule No. 3 prohibiting discrimination. We echo the resolution’s call for ‘all Republican organizations to advocate and adhere to our platform planks protecting and preserving religious liberty for all Americans, a fundamental principle which has been a bedrock of our society and government since its inception.’ Indeed, patriots like Dr. Shafi enrich our society.”

Dr. Shahid Shafi, who also serves as a City Councilman for Southlake, will lead a Municipal Campaign 101 Workshop at the Dallas County Republican Party HQ on February 9, 2019. More details on the workshop is available at

John Turner’s Silence Speaks Volumes to Dallas Voters

Refusing to Condemn John Wiley Price’s Hitler Comparison Signals Support for Radical Leftists Democrat Trying to Morph as a Moderate in TX House District 114 Reveals He Can Be Counted to be a Cog in the Democrat Machine Style Politics

Democrat John Turner, a candidate for State Representative who has urged the need to “change the tone” in politics, has yet to condemn the atrocious mailer by Commissioner John Wiley Price that compared President Trump to Adolph Hitler last week.

The Dallas Morning News on Monday wrote “Even by John Wiley Price standards, the political mailer was offensive, dangerous and vile”, noting that Jewish leaders were “appropriately offended”. (

Turner, who has a long history of funding partisan liberal Democrats, faces respected small business owner Lisa Luby Ryan, the Republican candidate running for Texas House District 114.

On his web site, Turner claims his opposition to “the increasing lack of decency and civility in politics, from the White House on down”. Yet when faced with the opportunity to call out such incivility against a fellow Democrat, Turner has remained silent.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “It’s been eight days since the news broke of the outlandish mailer by Price, and Dallas voters are still waiting on John Turner for any public sign of condemnation in any official statements or social media posts. John Turner’s silence is deafening when we consider the offense and disgust this abhorrent political propaganda continues to cause the voters of Texas House District 114. John Turner’s profound lack of judgement and ‘go along to get along’ behavior is a clear indicator that he can’t be trusted to think for himself and stand up to unethical political bosses in the Democratic party who will stop at nothing to turn Texas blue.”

Shorey continues, “Don't be fooled by Turner’s claims to be a harmless moderate, as he has demonstrated he is a political opportunist and clearly lacking leadership to stand up for what’s right when his party is clearly in the wrong.”



DALLAS, TX – Voters in Dallas County will now have a choice in two different races after the Texas Fifth Court of Appeals overturned a lawsuit by Democrat County Judge Clay Jenkins seeking re-election, for the third time, while trying to avoid opposition. Jenkins is now ordered to pay all legal fees as a result.

Based on the decision, Judge Brian Hutcheson is permitted on the ballot for Dallas County Judge. In addition, the Appeal Court ruled that Ashley Hutcheson is legal to be on the ballot for Justice of the Peace 2-1.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “The Republican Party is committed to defending democracy in Dallas County. We work tirelessly to give our voters a voice, while the radical left would like to keep us utterly despondent - to the point that we are just supposed to accept a wave of growing socialist sentiment in Dallas County. The overruled lawsuit, filed by Clay Jenkins, is a prime example of how Dallas County Democrats and radical activists will go to any lengths in an attempt to deprive voters of fair elections. Clay Jenkins is a deeply flawed candidate, with the worst attendance record on the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court, yet he feels entitled to a taxpayer-funded third term – Dallas County voters deserve better.”

Chairwoman Shorey continues, “Clay Jenkins knows he is on shaky ground, especially when his fellow Democrats document that Jenkins ‘needs to be brought up to speed’ and that Jenkins ‘does everything for political expediency and posturing regardless of the harm it may do from a governmental standpoint’ (Source: Dallas Morning News “John Wiley Price drops bomb on Clay Jenkins, ‘You do everything for the expediency and posturing.’” Feb. 8. 2018). The Republican Party in Dallas County will stand for this no longer. We are grateful the Appellate Court saw through this political meddling by Dallas Democrats and upheld the law. By doing so, they have prevented the Dem Machine that threatens a socialist “Blue Wave” from robbing Dallas County Independents, Republicans and Common Sense Democrats from a choice at the ballot box.”

Clay Jenkins filed over-tuned lawsuits that tried to prevent two Republican candidates with lawful appointments, Brian Hutcheson and Ashley Hutcheson, from being placed on the 2018 general election ballot.



Dallas, TX – The Dallas County Republican Party wholeheartedly rejects the racist behavior and language alleged in the campaign for Commissioners Court District 2. While the matter appears to be of a deeply personal family matter, the Dallas County Republican Party strongly condemns both the behavior and language that was used by Vic Cunningham.

As the Party of Lincoln, the Dallas County Republican Party stands for our core values of freedom, liberty, equality and opportunity for all Americans. Candidates facing such disturbing allegations, need to understand that our party has no room for bigotry and discrimination.

For more information on the Dallas County Republican Party, follow us on Twitter @DallasGOP, like us on Facebook, or visit

Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Cancels Invitation to Democratic Candidate after Republican Chairwoman Sounds the Alarm of Partisan Politics

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Called on DISD to Cancel Blatant Attempt to Help Democrat Candidate

With the Dallas County Republican Party’s rapid press release calling out electioneering in public schools for a hand-chosen Democratic candidate, DISD canceled Colin Allred’s appearance at the school to register voters last Friday.

Two Democrats are vying to run for Congress against a proven leader and Chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee, Congressman Pete Sessions.

Dallas County Republican Chairwoman Missy Shorey pointed out this “appearance” planned at Woodrow Wilson High School by the Democratic candidate was clearly a blatant political move to be on school grounds during student demonstrations on the 19th Anniversary of the Columbine School shootings.

Shorey emphasized teaching real civics lessons instead of attempting to manipulate students into becoming liberal political pawns by an opportunistic candidate.

Democrat candidate Colin Allred was being allowed by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) to use school time and the school grounds at Woodrow Wilson High School to further his campaign, register voters, and bring a decidedly partisan message to students. Local news reports have noted that Mr. Allred would have addressed students during a planned “walkout” during the school day.

Shorey called on DISD to cancel the invitation to Mr. Allred and pledge to stop using our public schools as a location to further partisan campaigns:

“Regardless of how you feel about different ways to improve school safety and protect our children, everyone should be able to recognize that this event was an attempt for the liberal DISD to indoctrinate our children by holding a Democrat voting registration drive and rally on school grounds,” Shorey said.

Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Must Not Be Allowed to Further a Partisan Campaign for Public Office

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Calls on DISD to Cancel Blatant Attempt to Help Democrat Candidate

Tomorrow, Democrat candidate Colin Allred is being allowed by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) to use school time and the school grounds at Woodrow Wilson High School in order to further his campaign, register voters, and bring a decidedly partisan message to students.  Local news reports have noted that Mr. Allred will be addressing students during a planned “walkout” during the school day.

Missy Shorey, the Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman, called on DISD to cancel the invitation to Mr. Allred and pledge to stop using our public schools as a location to further partisan campaigns:

“Regardless of how you feel about different ways to improve school safety and protect our children as they attend our schools, everyone should be able to recognize this event, with Colin Allred as a speaker, is designed to support a specific campaign, a specific party, and drive voter registration for Democrats.  

This should not be allowed during the school day or on public school property.  Tens of thousands of voters across the city would not at all support this use of their tax dollars that go to DISD.

I am calling on DISD to cancel the appearance of Mr. Allred and issue a pledge to not allow partisan campaigning on their campuses in the future.  I strongly urge our school board to take immediate action and stop this blatant attempt to further this Democrat candidate and his voter registration drive.”

For more information on the Dallas County Republican Party, follow us on Twitter @DallasGOP, like us on Facebook, or

Dallas County Republican Party Proudly Announces Vice President Mike Pence as Keynote Speaker For 2018 Reagan Day Dinner

Dallas, TX ― The Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) is proud to announce Vice President Michael R. Pence, the 48th Vice President of the United States, as the Keynote Speaker and Honored Guest for the annual Reagan Day Dinner. This is a historic event since Vice President Pence will be the first vice president to speak at the prestigious Reagan Day Dinner.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “Securing Vice President Mike Pence as our Keynote Speaker reflects the importance of Dallas County to conservatives throughout the nation. There is a national focus on how we are campaigning with our core Republican values of liberty, opportunity and security in one of the most dynamic and fast-growing counties in the country, Dallas County. Having the Vice President as our Honored Guest is proof positive Dallas County is an important battleground where we will work to win in 2018 and beyond.”

Vice President Mike Pence shares his excitement for the event stating, “I’m honored to join the great men and women of the Dallas GOP to discuss one of the most successful first years under an American president, but also the exciting road ahead. We have a great story to tell – from President Trump cutting taxes for working families and job creators, to pulling back regulatory red tape. Our economy is booming, and we’re only getting started. I look forward to address these great activists who are the heart of our party and the conservative movement.”

Doug Deason, Finance Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Part explains, “To date, this is the only county event Vice President Mike Pence will be doing this year. When I asked Vice President Pence about being our Keynote Speaker and Honored Guest, both he and his team knew how important Dallas County is to be standing strong ― especially in metropolitan areas.”

Deason continues, “Last year, we raised historic amounts, and this year we intend to go beyond that, so we have the resources to get our message out in Dallas County. The Reagan Day Dinner will be held on the evening of Saturday, February 17, 2018 at the Omni Dallas Hotel. Proceeds from the event will support grassroots growth and training, enhanced community engagement, get out the vote (GOTV) programs and unprecedented efforts to defend democracy in Dallas County. The Reagan Day Dinner was previously known as the Lincoln Day Dinner. This prestigious event has been a staple for the Dallas County Republican Party for the past 30 years.

Vice President Pence is appearing at this event as a featured guest and is not soliciting any funds or donations.

Republicans Reject Racism While Democrat Party Neglects Candidates


Dallas, TX – It is utterly incorrect and a sad demonstration of the Democrats go-to identity politics to accuse others of racism. As a woman who has often been the only female in the room, this type of slander is inexcusable to me. The Democratic Party of Dallas chose who signed each candidate's application, so if any racial group is singled out, the Democratic Party needs to address Representative Johnson's allegation. Questions about racism should be referred to the Democratic party in Dallas County for a proper response. We all need to know if race played a part in who signed what application. The Republican party simply sorted the Democrats handiwork into three piles, based on the three very different initials and signatures, on the line that says, "Signature of Chair".

Furthermore, unsubstantiated assertions of application leaks by the Party of Lincoln are misplaced and are desperate attempts to deflect from the Democrat’s disarray. To set the record straight, I call on our watchdogs in the press to dig deep and find out where the reporter who claims to have obtained advanced copies of the lawsuit got it from. It was not the Dallas Republican Party and I did not authorize anyone else to distribute advance copies of the lawsuit.