President-elect Trump Takes the White House

Dallas, TX – Phillip Huffines, Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, issued the following statement preceding President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural address:

“Tomorrow, thousands of Americans will gather in our nation’s capital to hear President-elect Donald Trump address the nation as our new Commander in Chief. His address will undoubtedly establish the foundation for American prosperity we will see throughout his Presidency.

“President-elect Trump’s inauguration demonstrates America’s desire for a proactive leader, and its rejection of the Democrats’ failed policies the past eight years. It also marks the culmination of the hard work by so many Americans who felt they had been neglected by Washington.

“Our country has seen incredible division under the Obama Administration. Now, we have the opportunity to unite behind our new President and work together to forge a brighter future so we can Make America Great Again!

“President-elect Trump’s administration will create economic prosperity, not just for Dallas County, but for Texans everywhere.

“These are truly exciting times, we have much to look forward to as we move into future.”