DCRP​ ​Calls​ ​on​ ​Dallas​ ​County​ ​Commissioners​ ​Court​ ​to Appoint​ ​A​ ​New​ ​Sheriff​ ​Immediately

Dallas, TX – The Dallas County Republican Party calls on Dallas County Democrat Sheriff Lupe Valdez to resign as Dallas County Sheriff immediately. For weeks Valdez has stated that she intends to run for Texas Governor. Article XVI, Section 65(b) of the Texas Constitution provides that a sheriff who becomes a candidate for another office automatically resigns his or her position if at least one year and 30 days remain in the sheriff’s current term. Chairwoman Missy Shorey had this to say:

“A sheriff’s responsibility is to keep their community safe and clearly Sheriff Valdez has her eyes set on climbing the political ladder rather than her jurisdiction,” said Chairwoman Missy Shorey. It is definite in the Texas Constitution that when a sheriff announces intention to run for public office they then automatically vacate their office. Valdez stated her candidacy and now I call on the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court to appoint a replacement so Valdez can run for Governor on her own time and not at the expense of Dallas County residents.”

Chairwoman Shorey continues, “It is unfortunate that Sheriff Valdez is playing politics instead of prioritizing the protection of Dallas County citizens. By default, she is forcing the tax payers of Dallas County to become defacto Democrat donors. We deserve far better from a person who is entrusted to enforce and uphold the law. We urge Sheriff Valdez to read her Texas Constitution that clearly states she needs to resign, effective immediately.”

Sheriff Valdez took office in 2004 and is known most recently for headlining at the 2016 Democratic National Convention where she praised Hillary Clinton. Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is a Valdez supporter.