DCRP​ ​Statement​ ​on​ ​Lupe​ ​Valdez

Today’s filing by Democrat Sheriff Lupe Valdez is the 12th Democrat, after a slew of others, who finally decided to running for Texas Governor as a Democrat. Clearly, Ms. Valdez was not the Democrat Party’s first choice to run for governor. Here at the Dallas County Republican Party we will be watching Valdez as she puts forth a liberal agenda and keep her accountable. Governor Abbott’s leadership in Texas is outstanding and the voters see completely through this repeated attempt at dividing Texas with identity politics. This sad tactic failed in 2016 and it will fail again in 2018.

Yesterday, the Dallas County Republican Party revealed that the Dallas County Commissioners Court and Sheriff Lupe Valdez were playing politics instead of protecting citizens by refusing to appoint a new Sheriff immediately when Valdez conveyed her intention to run for Texas Governor. The law is clear, in the Texas Constitution Article XVI, Section 64(b), that Valdez was required to resign.

Valdez and her democrat and socialist allies’ efforts to try to run out the clock in order to thwart the will of primary voters were brought to light by the Dallas County Republican Party and Republican Party of Texas. We will continue to serve as unwavering advocates for the voters since Valdez has already shown her willingness to try and ignore voters – certainly a characteristic we don’t need in the Governor of second most populous state in the United States.

Already, the Dallas County Republican Party has seen strong interest from impressive law enforcement professionals eager to protect and serve the citizens of Dallas County. In addition to an immediate filing we are receiving calls from qualified candidates interested in running for Dallas County Sheriff in the March 2018 Republican Primary. We look forward to having the people choose their candidates for Dallas County Sheriff.