Republicans Reject Racism While Democrat Party Neglects Candidates


Dallas, TX – It is utterly incorrect and a sad demonstration of the Democrats go-to identity politics to accuse others of racism. As a woman who has often been the only female in the room, this type of slander is inexcusable to me. The Democratic Party of Dallas chose who signed each candidate's application, so if any racial group is singled out, the Democratic Party needs to address Representative Johnson's allegation. Questions about racism should be referred to the Democratic party in Dallas County for a proper response. We all need to know if race played a part in who signed what application. The Republican party simply sorted the Democrats handiwork into three piles, based on the three very different initials and signatures, on the line that says, "Signature of Chair".

Furthermore, unsubstantiated assertions of application leaks by the Party of Lincoln are misplaced and are desperate attempts to deflect from the Democrat’s disarray. To set the record straight, I call on our watchdogs in the press to dig deep and find out where the reporter who claims to have obtained advanced copies of the lawsuit got it from. It was not the Dallas Republican Party and I did not authorize anyone else to distribute advance copies of the lawsuit.