John Turner’s Silence Speaks Volumes to Dallas Voters

Refusing to Condemn John Wiley Price’s Hitler Comparison Signals Support for Radical Leftists Democrat Trying to Morph as a Moderate in TX House District 114 Reveals He Can Be Counted to be a Cog in the Democrat Machine Style Politics

Democrat John Turner, a candidate for State Representative who has urged the need to “change the tone” in politics, has yet to condemn the atrocious mailer by Commissioner John Wiley Price that compared President Trump to Adolph Hitler last week.

The Dallas Morning News on Monday wrote “Even by John Wiley Price standards, the political mailer was offensive, dangerous and vile”, noting that Jewish leaders were “appropriately offended”. (

Turner, who has a long history of funding partisan liberal Democrats, faces respected small business owner Lisa Luby Ryan, the Republican candidate running for Texas House District 114.

On his web site, Turner claims his opposition to “the increasing lack of decency and civility in politics, from the White House on down”. Yet when faced with the opportunity to call out such incivility against a fellow Democrat, Turner has remained silent.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “It’s been eight days since the news broke of the outlandish mailer by Price, and Dallas voters are still waiting on John Turner for any public sign of condemnation in any official statements or social media posts. John Turner’s silence is deafening when we consider the offense and disgust this abhorrent political propaganda continues to cause the voters of Texas House District 114. John Turner’s profound lack of judgement and ‘go along to get along’ behavior is a clear indicator that he can’t be trusted to think for himself and stand up to unethical political bosses in the Democratic party who will stop at nothing to turn Texas blue.”

Shorey continues, “Don't be fooled by Turner’s claims to be a harmless moderate, as he has demonstrated he is a political opportunist and clearly lacking leadership to stand up for what’s right when his party is clearly in the wrong.”