Dallas County Republican Party Proudly Announces Vice President Mike Pence as Keynote Speaker For 2018 Reagan Day Dinner

Dallas, TX ― The Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) is proud to announce Vice President Michael R. Pence, the 48th Vice President of the United States, as the Keynote Speaker and Honored Guest for the annual Reagan Day Dinner. This is a historic event since Vice President Pence will be the first vice president to speak at the prestigious Reagan Day Dinner.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states, “Securing Vice President Mike Pence as our Keynote Speaker reflects the importance of Dallas County to conservatives throughout the nation. There is a national focus on how we are campaigning with our core Republican values of liberty, opportunity and security in one of the most dynamic and fast-growing counties in the country, Dallas County. Having the Vice President as our Honored Guest is proof positive Dallas County is an important battleground where we will work to win in 2018 and beyond.”

Vice President Mike Pence shares his excitement for the event stating, “I’m honored to join the great men and women of the Dallas GOP to discuss one of the most successful first years under an American president, but also the exciting road ahead. We have a great story to tell – from President Trump cutting taxes for working families and job creators, to pulling back regulatory red tape. Our economy is booming, and we’re only getting started. I look forward to address these great activists who are the heart of our party and the conservative movement.”

Doug Deason, Finance Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Part explains, “To date, this is the only county event Vice President Mike Pence will be doing this year. When I asked Vice President Pence about being our Keynote Speaker and Honored Guest, both he and his team knew how important Dallas County is to be standing strong ― especially in metropolitan areas.”

Deason continues, “Last year, we raised historic amounts, and this year we intend to go beyond that, so we have the resources to get our message out in Dallas County. The Reagan Day Dinner will be held on the evening of Saturday, February 17, 2018 at the Omni Dallas Hotel. Proceeds from the event will support grassroots growth and training, enhanced community engagement, get out the vote (GOTV) programs and unprecedented efforts to defend democracy in Dallas County. The Reagan Day Dinner was previously known as the Lincoln Day Dinner. This prestigious event has been a staple for the Dallas County Republican Party for the past 30 years.

Vice President Pence is appearing at this event as a featured guest and is not soliciting any funds or donations.