Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Cancels Invitation to Democratic Candidate after Republican Chairwoman Sounds the Alarm of Partisan Politics

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Called on DISD to Cancel Blatant Attempt to Help Democrat Candidate

With the Dallas County Republican Party’s rapid press release calling out electioneering in public schools for a hand-chosen Democratic candidate, DISD canceled Colin Allred’s appearance at the school to register voters last Friday.

Two Democrats are vying to run for Congress against a proven leader and Chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee, Congressman Pete Sessions.

Dallas County Republican Chairwoman Missy Shorey pointed out this “appearance” planned at Woodrow Wilson High School by the Democratic candidate was clearly a blatant political move to be on school grounds during student demonstrations on the 19th Anniversary of the Columbine School shootings.

Shorey emphasized teaching real civics lessons instead of attempting to manipulate students into becoming liberal political pawns by an opportunistic candidate.

Democrat candidate Colin Allred was being allowed by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) to use school time and the school grounds at Woodrow Wilson High School to further his campaign, register voters, and bring a decidedly partisan message to students. Local news reports have noted that Mr. Allred would have addressed students during a planned “walkout” during the school day.

Shorey called on DISD to cancel the invitation to Mr. Allred and pledge to stop using our public schools as a location to further partisan campaigns:

“Regardless of how you feel about different ways to improve school safety and protect our children, everyone should be able to recognize that this event was an attempt for the liberal DISD to indoctrinate our children by holding a Democrat voting registration drive and rally on school grounds,” Shorey said.