Dallas, TX – Freshman Democratic Congressman Colin Allred (TX-32) is already misleading voters in today’s Dallas Morning News Op-ed when you compare his words with his deeds. Although he says, “working families and their paychecks shouldn’t be used a political tools,” Allred decided to keep receiving his paycheck during the government shutdown while he voted against measures to pay furloughed workers--twice.

Allred’s priorities are instructive. He carefully promotes this image in men’s fashion magazine GQ, making himself available for a three part interview series. Yet, Allred does not currently have an open and operating district office. His first vote was to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House and he’s been following in lockstep ever since. Allred accepts a federal paycheck when 800,000 workers go without pay while many congressional colleagues reject pay during the government shutdown.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states: “Colin Allred tries to cultivate a sleek image in GQ magazine and concern at a roundtable, but beneath the imagery there are serious inconsistencies. Contrast Allred with the Republican freshmen congressmen that neighbor his district. GOP Congressman Van Taylor (TX-3) and GOP Congressman Lance Gooden (TX-5) both have district offices opened and operating--Allred does not. Both Republican Congressmen have joined over 100 fellow members of congress rejecting pay while the government is shut down--Allred has not. Both have voted to end the government shutdown while properly securing the border--Allred has not.”

Chairwoman Shorey continues: “And here is the real kicker. Mere days after a roundtable with furloughed federal workers in Dallas County, Allred had opportunities to vote twice on two different measures (H J RES 28 and H R 648) that would pay federal workers. Adhering to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wishes, Allred voted against both measures which failed despite support from 16 Democrats. Instead of serving the people of his district, Allred is more interested in supporting Nancy Pelosi and the increasingly socialist agenda the radical left is demanding. Based on his voting record and his latest co-sponsored bill, Allred’s focus is clearly not on furloughed workers or TX-32 but on expanding sub-standard government controlled healthcare in 14 states as part of a socialist agenda. The citizens of TX-32 deserve to be represented by someone who is here to serve us instead of always putting party first with each vote and calculated decision.”

As of the date of this  release, the U.S. government has been partially shut down for 34 days and counting.