Dallas Area Democrat Representatives Skip Hearing on Bill to Protect Live Birth Abortion Survivors

Dallas, TX ― Public testimony on a bill to protect live birth abortion survivors was scheduled for Monday morning, until Democrat State Representatives, Victoria Neave (HD-107) Julie Johnson (HD-115) and Yvonne Davis (HD-111) were conspicuously absent for the House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence hearing of H.B.16. The bill would require doctors to provide medical care to infants who survived an abortion procedure.
Due to their absence, the hearing was delayed until Representative Morgan Meyer (HD-108) arrived after a delayed flight in which he informed the committee Chairman in advance. His attendance allowed for the minimum number of committee members needed for a quorum, and although the hearing was rescheduled for later that afternoon, the Democratic lawmakers refused to attend.
Democrat State Representatives, Victoria Neave (HD-107), Julie Johnson (HD-115), Yvonne Davis (HD-111), along with Jessica Farrar (HD-148) who also protested the hearing, release a joint statement unapologetically calling the proposed legislation “unnecessary legislation.” 
The four Democratic lawmakers missed testimony from three abortion survivors: Clare Culwell of Pflugerville, Carrie Fischer of Houston, and Gianna Jessen of Nashville who advocated for the bill, arguing that it was necessary to protect lives like their own. Current national law as of 2002 provides legal protections for infants born after abortion procedures. This Republican-sponsored bill would add enforcement mechanisms and subject offending doctors to fines starting at $100,000.
Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey responds, “By not showing up for the hearing, Dallas Democrats elected to serve North Texans instead serve a murderous agenda where radical infanticide ideas of the left are not confined to liberal states like New York, but have become the standard of the Democratic Partyeven in Dallas County, Texas. Not only are they seemingly opposed to providing health care to children lucky enough to survive this heinous procedure, but they also do not even want to debate the subject and explain to Texans why they endorse such radical ideas.”
Shorey continues, “We are ashamed for Dallas area Democrat Representatives for not having the courage to explain to abortion survivors why children like them do not deserve to be given further legal protections.”  
The Dallas County Republican Party thanks local Representatives, Morgan Meyer (HD-108) and Angie Chen Button (HD-112) for co-authoring this bill and courageously supporting the right to life of children that survive abortion.