Rodney Anderson Elected as Dallas County Republican Party Chairman

Dallas, TX ― Former Texas State Representative (HD-105), Rodney Anderson was elected as Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party at the Executive Committee Special Meeting on Monday, May 20, 2019. The seat became vacant with the sudden passing of the late Chairwoman Missy Shorey.

After leading in all three rounds of voting among the Executive Committee, Anderson secured victory by a solid majority of votes.

Chairman Anderson states, “It is a privilege to serve the Dallas County Republican Party. As Chairman, I will protect the existing offices held by Republicans while recruiting strong, viable candidates, guarantee all individuals within our party have a voice and a seat at the table, ensure ballot security and election integrity, and broaden the base of our support.”
Comprised of many individuals who fundamentally agree on the principles of limited government, lower taxes, individual responsibility, and personal freedom, the Dallas County Republican Party has elected a leader who understands that each group, collectively should have a seat at the table, unifying the party for a common cause.
Chairman Anderson states, “The 2020 election cycle in Dallas County is shaping up to be an extremely complex political puzzle. Campaign experience in building coalitions, analyzing precinct and election data, and fostering a unified Republican brand will be absolutely critical. Together, we will take the fight to the Democrats and create a path to victory.”

Among a diverse group of supporters, Chairman Anderson received endorsements from Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24), former members of the Texas House of Representatives: Cindy Burkett and Kenneth Sheets, and their political rivals: Bunni Pounds and Jonathan Boos.