Man Arrested for Voter Fraud in Dallas

Dallas, TX – The Dallas Police Department made its first arrest in the West Dallas Voter Fraud case Wednesday. Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

“I applaud the great work by Dallas Police Department and District Attorney Faith Johnson’s office for indicting Miguel Hernandez in the West Dallas Voter Fraud case. His indictment further proves voter fraud is a real issue for Texans,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “Our right to vote is our biggest asset in the pursuit of Liberty, and any individual who steals that right from any American citizens should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I look forward to Special Session where Governor Abbott has named voter fraud a key issue.”

Miguel Hernandez has been associated with “Jose Rodriguez,” the anonymous figure accused of assisting in over 700 mail-in ballots. Hernandez is currently only accused of one count of illegal voting.

One Year Anniversary of DPD Ambush

Dallas, TX – On the one year anniversary of the ambush on Dallas Police officers, Chairman Phillip Huffines released this statement:

“Let us set politics aside as we somberly remember the event that shocked Dallas to the core one year ago. I hope we can unite as a community to remember these fallen heroes and the ultimate sacrifice they made in the name of our safety,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “Our hearts and prays go out to their families and to all those who continue to protect us. We will forever support these selfless individuals and their efforts to protect the lives of our citizens.”

House Passes “Kate’s Law” and Sanctuary Cities Bill

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. House passed “Kate’s Law” and a bill focused on cracking down on sanctuary cities today largely along party lines. Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

“The two bills passed by the House today are critical for defending Americans. For too long a secure border has been ignored which has put American citizens in danger,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “The passage of ‘Kate’s Law’ and the Sanctuary Cities bill allows law enforcement to crack down on criminals who have entered our country illegally and removes one of the biggest lures for illegal aliens. This is a big step for protecting all Americans.”

The sanctuary city bill passed with a vote of 228-195 and “Kate’s Law” passed by a vote of 257-167. The bills now have to go to the Senate before hitting President Trump’s desk.

Dustin Marshall Wins DISD, Place 2

Dallas, TX – Dustin Marshall defeated Lori Kirkpatrick for the Dallas Independent School District, Place 2. Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

“Dustin Marshall’s victory today was a win for all students in DISD, Place 2. His unrivaled commitment is key for ensuring every student has the opportunity to receive a quality education,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “Our children deserve the very best, and I am confident under the experienced, dedicated leadership of Dustin, the students of DISD, Place 2 will receive just that.”

Today, Dustin Marshall defeated Lori Kirkpatrick handily receiving over 66% of the vote. Kirkpatrick won the Primary, nearly winning outright.

Representative Neave Arrested Tuesday Night

Dallas, TX – Late Tuesday night Texas House member Victoria Neave, District 107, was arrested for a DWI after running into a tree. Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

"Dallas County doesn't need elected officials who break the law and endanger our children and the public by driving drunk. Dallas County, and House District 107 must demand better," said Chairman Phillip Huffines. "Our focus is on getting Republicans elected throughout the County and we will be actively supporting the Republican nominee for this seat in 2018.”

Representative Neave was booked at the Dallas County Jail around 3:30 a.m. early Wednesday morning after crashing into a tree in Dallas.

The SCOTUS to Hear Trump Travel Moratorium

Washington, D.C. – The Supreme Court announced that it plans to determine whether President Trump’s moratorium on travel was lawful. Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

“The Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate the moratorium is vital for defending Americans,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “When they review the case, I have no doubt they will see what we all have seen; it lawfully defends our country from foreign aggressors. It is absolutely vital that we secure our border and President Trump’s Executive Order puts us on the path to do just that.”

The Supreme Court reinstated President Trump’s moratorium on travel from six countries; determining that those without any ties or relationships in the United States would be unable to enter temporarily. They announced their intention to hear the case sometime this Fall.

SREC Elects New RPT Chairman

Austin, TX – The State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) elected James Dickey as the new Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

“I would like to congratulate James for winning the election today to become Chairman of RPT. He has a very clear vision of the future of the Republican Party here in Texas,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “Now we must hit the ground running as we work to elect Republicans in the future. Together, we’re not only going to Keep Texas Red, but we’re going to Take Back Dallas County!”

James Dickey won the election at the SREC meeting today over challenger Rick Figueroa. James is the Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party and will now take over the seat vacated by Tom Mechler who resigned just a few weeks ago due to family reasons.

Chairman Phillip Huffines Signs Letter to the Governor

Dallas, TX – Yesterday, Chairman Phillip Huffines signed a letter written by Aaron Harris, Executive Director of Direct Action Texas, to the Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Chairman Huffines had this to say:

“The increasing reports of voter fraud continue to challenge the integrity of the electoral process in Texas. Our right to vote is the foundation of Democracy and the cornerstone of the Constitution,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “We must do everything within our power to ensure that right is protected for our citizens. That is why I am proud to stand with Direct Action Texas as we cordially request the Governor to call a special session to address the problem of voter fraud in Texas.”

Direct Action Texas has led the charge in calling for legislative action during Texas’ 85th Legislature to ensure ballot integrity. Their letter to Governor Abbott has been signed by over 100 grassroots leaders throughout the state and encourages the Governor to use his constitutional authority to force the Texas Legislature to address the endemic problem of voter fraud across Texas.

Chairman Tom Mechler Steps Down as RPT Chairman

Austin, TX – Republican Party of Texas Chairman Tom Mechler offered his resignation from the position earlier today. Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

“I am saddened to see the resignation of Tom Mechler from the Republican Party of Texas.,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “I wish him and his family the best and I am hopeful for the future of our party. I look forward to working with the new incoming chairman when that is decided.”

Chairman Tom Mechler served as Treasurer of the Republican Party of Texas where he was credited with stabilizing party finances. He assumed the office of Chairman in March of 2015.

Voter Fraud in Dallas County

Dallas, TX – With overwhelming reports of voter fraud in Dallas County coming to light yesterday, Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

“This type of gross abuse of the political system is absolutely detestable. With over 700 alleged reported fraudulent votes purportedly cast, it is absolutely imperative that the District Attorney look into this issue,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “The value of our political system is our ability to choose our leaders democratically. Anyone who seeks to falsify documents in order to game the system is no friend to liberty or the United States.”

Yesterday reports surfaced of alleged falsification of over 700 mail-in ballots in Dallas County. The whistleblower who shed light on this issue has not identified the exact identity of the person who carried out this act.

Obamacare Repeal Passes U.S. House

Washington, D.C. – The United States House of Representatives voted to repeal Obamacare today. Chairman Phillip Huffines had this to say:

“Obamacare failed Americans. It continuously wasted tax dollars and increased premiums to an unbearable level,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines. “Today’s vote in the House to repeal this failed system and to create a competitive healthcare system centered around affordable quality for the consumer is monumental. We now have the opportunity to return to the free market values which truly do make America great.”

The repeal of Obamacare in the House is a tremendous step in fulfilling one of President Trump’s key campaign promises. The bill now faces an uncertain Senate.

Statement on Shooting of First Responder in Dallas

Dallas, TX – Following the shooting in Dallas earlier today, Chairman Phillip Huffines released the following statement:

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the first responder who was maliciously shot while performing life-saving treatment on an injured civilian,” said Huffines. “This senseless act of violence is atrocious. We hope that law enforcement can quickly capture the individual who committed this heinous crime and bring them to justice.”

DCRP to Attend RPT DIME Listening Tour

Dallas, TX – The Republican Party of Texas Hispanic Engagement Team will stop by Dallas on their Listening Tour this Sunday, April 23, 2017. The Dallas County Republican Party released the following statement:

“We are excited to participate in the Republican Party of Texas’ Listening Tour. The DCRP and the Republican Party of Texas must work together to deliver the Republican message of prosperity and liberty to areas previously un-engaged. Through this concerted effort, we will be able to motivate Republicans, and to find new Republicans who believe that through hard work, any person can be successful. This will be crucial for electing Republicans throughout the county.”

Chairman Phillip Huffines’ Run for Senate District 8

Dallas, TX – Following Chairman Phillip Huffines’ announcement of candidacy for the open seat of Texas Senate District 8, the Dallas County Republican Party released the following statement:

“The Dallas County Republican Party has seen unprecedented success under the tenure of Chairman Huffines, and he intends to complete his term as Chairman during his run for the open seat of Texas Senate District 8. We recently held the most successful Reagan Day Dinner in the history of the party; we raised over half a million dollars, 75% of which came from donors new to the party. His ability to unite the Republican Party and fundraise have placed the DCRP in a position to reach new heights in our mission to help elect Republicans throughout the county. Huffines is certain to be a formidable candidate if he works half as hard as he has as County Chairman.”

President Trump Issues Executive Order on Immigration

Dallas, TX – On Monday, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order calling for a halt on immigration, Chairman Phillip Huffines of the Dallas County Republican Party had this to say:

“President Trump promised two things while campaigning: to put Americans first and to secure our borders. This Executive Order takes a great step in accomplishing this,” said Chairman Huffines. “This temporary halt on immigration from countries known to be terrorist hot-beds gives our government time to effectively do its job and vet immigrants. For too long the safety of Americans has taken a backseat to a policy of appeasement.”

President Donald Trump Executive Order calls for a moratorium on travel from six countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. This moratorium puts a 90-day hold on the issuance of visas to citizens from the countries in order to reform the vetting process.

Donald Trump, Jr. to Speak at Reagan Day Dinner

Dallas, TX – Chairman Phillip Huffines of the Dallas County Republican Party announces surprise guest speakers at the DCRP 2017 Reagan Day Dinner:

“I am thrilled to announce Donald Trump, Jr. and Senator Ted Cruz as the surprise guest speakers for the 2017 Reagan Day Dinner! These two incredible figures are certain to provide keen insight to the historical presidential election,” said Chairman Huffines. “This is a rare opportunity, you won’t want to miss it!”

The DCRP Reagan Day Dinner will be held on March 11th at the Omni Dallas Hotel starting at 7:00 PM. For more information on the 2017 Reagan Day Dinner, please visit our website at

Commissioners Court Votes Against Texas Values

Dallas, TX – Chairman Phillip Huffines of the Dallas County Republican Party had this to say in response to the Dallas County Commissioners Court vote yesterday:

“I am disappointed in the liberal Dallas County Commissioners Court who placed their personal agenda ahead of Dallas County residents when they voted ‘yes’ on a resolution painting Dallas County as a sanctuary county. It is reckless to support open borders for illegal immigrants whilst ceasing Dallas County’s cooperation with I.C.E.,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines.

Yesterday, the Dallas County Commissioners Court voted to “end nonessential collaborations” with Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This could cause funding from both the state and federal level to cease.

Chairman Huffines On President Trump’s Immigration Hold

Chairman Phillip Huffines of the Dallas County Republican Party released the following statement regarding President Trump’s immigration hold:

“President Donald Trump is doing exactly what he promised; protecting our Country and its citizens and securing our border. The Obama Administration should have been protecting our country for the last eight years, but they failed. The liberal media and Democrats have chosen to, once again, misrepresent what the Executive Order seeks to accomplish. This is not a ban, it is a temporary delay. This delay gives the Federal Government time to effectively perform its job to vet individuals from countries that are a hotbed for terrorist activities,” said Chairman Phillip Huffines of the Dallas County Republican Party. “Only reporters and out of touch liberal Democrats are shocked that President Trump did something that he promised for the past two years. This outrage is senseless and due to a lack of information.”

President-elect Trump Takes the White House

Dallas, TX – Phillip Huffines, Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, issued the following statement preceding President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural address:

“Tomorrow, thousands of Americans will gather in our nation’s capital to hear President-elect Donald Trump address the nation as our new Commander in Chief. His address will undoubtedly establish the foundation for American prosperity we will see throughout his Presidency.

“President-elect Trump’s inauguration demonstrates America’s desire for a proactive leader, and its rejection of the Democrats’ failed policies the past eight years. It also marks the culmination of the hard work by so many Americans who felt they had been neglected by Washington.

“Our country has seen incredible division under the Obama Administration. Now, we have the opportunity to unite behind our new President and work together to forge a brighter future so we can Make America Great Again!

“President-elect Trump’s administration will create economic prosperity, not just for Dallas County, but for Texans everywhere.

“These are truly exciting times, we have much to look forward to as we move into future.”

Dallas Delegation Ready For Texas’ 85th Legislative Session

Today, Texas’ 85th Legislative Session convenes in Austin, TX. The experienced Dallas County Republican delegation is already hard at work reviewing hundreds of prospective bills.

“Texas’ 85th Legislative Session is likely to result in many bills that directly affect the success of Dallas County. We are grateful for the strong team of Dallas Republican legislators who fight for our county during the demanding legislative session,” said Phillip Huffines, Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party. “They know what it takes to make Dallas County prosperous. I have no doubt they will tackle the most difficult issues this session with acumen and vigor.”

Dallas County is returning its skilled legislators to both the Texas House and Senate. They have vowed to tackle issues such as school choice, ethics reform, and the budget, among many others.