What We Care About

Republicans Are Proudly the Party of Parents

Caring for, nurturing and protecting our children in an over-politicized environment stemming from School Boards who think parents should not have a voice in our own children's education.

If ever there was a silver lining in the last 18 months, the stripping of our liberties was exacerbated and exposed the agenda of the liberals. Forty years ago, if children were taught racism, it wasn't hard to figure out where they learned it: at home. Imprisoning children and parents in their homes, they were forced to attend school via Zoom meetings, parents were forced to work from home. It enabled parents to overhear what some teachers were spoon-feeding to their children: Critical Race Theory. Teaching small children, whose minds are like sponges, to hate one another because of their race. Nothing else has enraged Mama Bears and Papa Bears similarly in this country in 50 years.

Parents have been awakened and are flipping rubber stamp school board members like never before. Many good teachers were forced to follow the directives passed by the American Federation of Teachers. Graphic books are highlighting having sex to children as young as 8, 9 and 10 years of age, putting pornography in school libraries, and encouraging children to turn to adults other than their parents to discuss these things, because "parents are stupid".

Please check our DCRP Calendar. EVERY Dallas County area school board's meeting schedule is posted there to remind you to attend. Attend your school board meetings.  Sign up to speak.  Check your children's curriculum and outside reading lists. Ask to see a copy of their history books; see if they are re-writing history. Consider asking for cameras in classrooms so that teachers can be monitored.