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Sarah Lamb's Victory at the Texas Supreme Court

Despite the desperate efforts by the Dallas County Democrat Party and Democrat Candidate John Bryant, the Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of Texas House District 114 Candidate Sarah Lamb.  The Texas Supreme Court denied the Democrat's mandamus claiming malfeasance on behalf of Republicans and refused to remove Sarah Lamb from the ballot.

It is sad when the Dallas County Democrat Party resorts to filing false and frivolous criminal complaints against our Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu in order to remove a legitimate opponent to what they thought was a sure win without effort.  They are mad that they actually will have to work in order to maintain this previously strong Republican seat.  We refuse to concede this HR 114 seat to the Democrats without a fight and we are confident that Sarah will reclaim this seat for the Republican Party!  Come and join us in supporting Sarah Lamb for Texas House District 114.

This is a huge Republican victory!

If you are interested in the details of the case, click here to see the record at the Texas Supreme Court.