Richardson ISD District 2

Sherry Clemens

Elect Sherry Clemens for Richardson ISD District 2 in the Runoff Election of June 18 - EARLY VOTING is June 6-14 at the Richardson Civic Center.

Visit the Sherry Clemens Campaign Website   Visit the Sherry Clemens Media page

From the campaign:

This is it!

VOTE JUNE 18th for Sherry Clemens to represent YOU on the board.

She’s committed to transparency, parent involvement, school safety, and to get divisive politics out of our schools.

We won once, now we just need to do it one more time!!


EARLY VOTING June 6-14 at Richardson Civic Center

A Message for RISD Parents

If elected, I will ensure that your child has the excellent academic education they deserve. As a former teacher, I understand that literacy and numeracy are the building blocks of academic knowledge that will ensure RISD children are ready for the future. Future-ready skills, from the building blocks of math, science, and reading in the primary grades to advanced courses and innovative career and technology programs in high school, will put RISD back on the map of those schools that succeed in creating opportunities for children to thrive in 2022 and beyond. I also have a heart for ALL students, including those with special needs. After seeing firsthand how my children have struggled due to ill-informed RISD policies, I have done my homework and understand the importance of listening to parents and caregivers of every student. All children deserve an education that meets them where they are and helps them become all they can be. I also understand the importance of listening to teachers and supporting them with the tools to help every student succeed.

With the voices of parents and teachers behind me and my hope to unite with even more stakeholders ahead, I truly believe in the good of public education and the futures of all of RISD’s children. Supporting me is a vote for the right direction- a vote for the future of academic excellence in RISD. It’s a vote for a hard-working mother of four who will commit to making sure your school board listens to its teachers, parents, and taxpayers – the mom, the dad, the grandmother, the neighbor, the caregiver – the stakeholders who have for too long been silenced.

A Message for RISD Teachers

I see you. I can only imagine how hard your road has been the last few years, and especially the last few months. I promise to come alongside you, to listen to you, to take your concerns and make the changes needed to set you and your students up for the best possible outcomes. I’d love to meet with you, to talk with you and hear stories of both what’s working and what’s not. I will do everything possible to make sure your voice is heard. I’m so grateful for you and all you do for our students!

I Believe We Should ...

Provide an Outstanding Education for Every Student

RISD’s academic performance has been on the decline since 2017. As a public school district, outstanding academics should be our primary goal. We must work to close the achievement gap and improve educational outcomes in all student populations. Together we will work to restore a focus on academics that will grow every student and return Richardson ISD to a district of academic excellence.

Partner with Parents and Teachers

Families and teachers are the best partners in educating and connecting with every student. Every parent deserves transparency with curriculum and policy decisions. RISD must build trust with parents, teachers, and community partners by making each stakeholder a part of the decision-making process. We will work to make Richardson ISD a place where parents and teachers are partners and work alongside the administration to make Richardson ISD a desirable district for all families and educators.

Be Financially Sound

Our district must be a good steward of tax dollars to provide RISD children with the very best education possible. This includes making sure every dollar is spent wisely to facilitate our goal of preparing every student for their future. We must work to ensure fiscal accountability and transparency within Richardson ISD.

Hire a Superintendent Focused on Providing an Exceptional Education for All Students

The RISD school board will be making the critical decision of hiring a new leader for our district in 2022. The board must select a superintendent committed to the goals above: one who will partner with parents and teachers, focus on educational outcomes, and commit to financial accountability and transparency. We will work together to hire a superintendent that will utilize the knowledge and skills of all stakeholders to work toward the goal of providing an exceptional education for every student.