Letter from Chairwoman Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu

Follow-Up Letter To
Texas Secretary of State, Jane Nelson

To Dallas County Republicans

As part of a series of follow-up actions from our meeting during the last week in November, I sent the following letter to Texas Secretary of State, Jane Nelson.


For details about the November meeting. please see https://dallasgop.org/blog/meeting-with-texas-secretary-of-state-jane-nelson.


To get non-transparent voting machines and processes out of Texas voting, we are going to have to work with both the State of Texas Executive branch and the State of Texas Legislative branch to make the required changes in the laws that make up the Texas Election Code.


We simply won't get the satisfaction we require from Democrat-controlled County governments. We must solve these problems at the State level. The DCRP is taking the lead in this work, including rallying the other large County Parties in Texas to join our efforts so we can present a unified larger voice.


This letter is not the ending of the story. The work is going to involve much more than a meeting and a letter. But, the work started a year ago and is now building momentum! The necessary efforts will be considerable but this is a battle that we simply MUST win in order to restore trust in our elections.


While the next steps are unfolding, please read the the blog posting cited above about contacting your state representatives and senators. We all can starting building support for the required enabling legislation. Please contact your legislative leaders to tell them how important these issues are to each of you.


by Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu
Dallas County Republican Party

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