Serious Systemic Attention Needed

We don't think Biden even understands the problems much less can fix them.

Our Supply Chain Needs ​Serious Systematic Attention

The simple fact is congestion at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is getting worse, not better. Their backlogs are growing. On average 29,000 containers arrive outside the Port of Los Angeles every day while only 18,000 are handled. Currently, there is about a 30-day backlog in the Port of Los Angeles alone and it is growing every day; we're not getting ahead of it.

The problem won't be resolved by operating the ports for more hours per day. The ports need to be modernized and expanded. But, also there are serious issues with trucking, railroads, warehousing and even California State regulations that are contributing to the overall problems in the supply chain.

The issues in play are deep and systemic across the entire supply chain of the United States.

To deal with the problem, serious work will be required; not a few press conferences, executive orders and some ill-advised policies. To fix the supply chain, in-depth work and cooperation will have to occur among the private sector, labor unions, the States and the Federal government. The issues are going to require modernization, something that is being actively resisted by friends of the Biden administration. Fixing our supply chain will require intelligent leadership by an engaged administration. We don't think the Biden administration is up to the challenge. 

The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the busiest port in America. They're also at the center of a massive container backlog. Read More Here: