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by Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu
Dallas County Republican Party


Here we go again  . . . You may recall my December 9, 2022, blog titled “It Is Time to Get Rid of Black Box Voting” (click to read). You may also recall the issues we had on the November 8, 2022, Election Day voting with the E-Pollbooks surging at the close of the voting polls – far in excess of the number of voters who checked in at the locations.  History is repeating itself.


During the Constitutional Election on November 7, 2023 of this week, Dallas County experienced widespread problems with the E-Pollbooks’ connectivity for synchronization.  The E-Pollbooks require a network connection to keep pollbooks synchronized for county-wide voting. This prevents double voting by eliminating ballots being issued to any voter who previously voted at another Voting Center or even within the same Voting Center but on another E-Pollbook.


In Part 1 of this series of blog postings, we will discuss the most-recent problems in this week's election. In a series of upcoming postings, we will examine the problem in more depth and present an executable roadmap for getting non-transparent voting equipment out of our election system.

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