E-Mail Notification To Election Workers

Please Confirm That You

Will Serve In the

May 4th Election Cycle for Local Elections

The May 4, 2024, Local Elections cycle is approaching, and we are getting organized so we can begin making scheduling assignments of Election Judges very soon.


You are getting this letter because we are required to confirm your commitment to serve in every election. Even appointed judges must be asked and confirmed.


However, to make this required re-commitment process efficient, we have made it easy as possible to confirm online for the May 4th Election cycle using the link below:




Simply click on the link above and complete the short online form. It will just take a minute and you will receive an on-screen confirmation as well as an e-mail copy.


If you are an Election Judge, either a Presiding Judge or Alternate Judge, it is important that you respond at the link above as soon as possible. If you plan on NOT serving in this election, also please respond so we know and can line up your replacement.


The Dallas County Elections Department (DCED) is about to release their final location list of all Voting Centers that will be used in this election. As soon as the list is released, we want to be ready to schedule all of the Judges who have confirmed their willingness to work in this election as soon as possible.


Once we receive DCED's final list of locations, we will complete your official scheduling and confirm it with you. If a change will be required because of a DCED location change, I will contact you ASAP to discuss any change.


Election Clerks are invited to recommit as well using the same link shown above.


As soon as judges are scheduled, Election Clerks can be begin getting their assignments either from the judges they have worked with in the past or, if they are a first-time Election Clerks, from Judges using our pool of newly available Clerks.


For any questions, please reply to .



Nancy Anderton

Direct dial: (214) 457-1203




Nancy Anderton

Election Worker Coordinator

Dallas County Republican Party

(214) 457-1203 (Mobile)


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