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The most effective way to ensure a prosperous future for Dallas County is by volunteering and helping elect Republicans. We need your help in the fight to take our county back from the liberal Democrats. By filling out the form at the buttons shown below, you are taking the first step on the road to a brighter future for all in our community. Please fill out as much as possible and help us as we work to help elect principled Republican leaders!

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Become an Election Judge

The Dallas County Republican Party needs Election Judges for the 2022 election cycle, including Presiding Judges and Alternate Judges. We want to staff every Dallas County Voting Center with Republican Judges for all local elections, primary and general elections. Your service as an Election Judge will help us achieve fair elections conducted in a bipartisan fashion according to the election code. The best defense against Election Fraud is a Republican Election Judge/Clerks team in every  voting location. We will see that you get training and support.  WE are part of the solution! 

There are two kinds of Judges for Elections: 

1) Early Voting Judge: In Dallas County, Early Voting Judges & Clerks are required to go through the Human Resources Department to be processed as an 'employee' of Dallas County Elections Department (DCED).  You must first:

  • contact The DCRP Executive Director (susanf@dallasgop.org) who will submit your information to the DCED, who will submit it to Human Resources (HR). HR will contact you and arrange an appointment to fill out their paperwork/application.  You must bring two forms of identification:  your Drivers License and/or passport and Social Security Card are required.   As soon as you are processed you are eligible to work any Early Voting location.  The next requirement for Early Voting Judges and clerks will be to staff the June 18, 2022 Municipal election Runoff and Early Voting will begin 2nd week of June.  We highly recommend your applying in Mid-April to get processed for the June 18 election.  We need to establish a pool of workers.  

2) May 7 Election Day  Presiding Judge/Alternate Judge and Presiding Judge hires all Clerks.  May 24 Primary Runoff Election reverts back to the Co Judge and equal number of clerks per Party:  All that is necessary is to click on the green button above 'election worker application' and you will be assigned to the voting location closest to your neighborhood, if available, or wherever you request that is open at the time.  This is only one day commitment   There is a huge demand for Election Day Workers as there are generally  425-445 Election Day locations open on Election Day and 2-5 clerks, depending on location turnout.  Commissioners Court approved April 13 to close 42 Election Day Locations.  Definitely a step in the right director.  JWP was the ONLY Commissioner who refused to shut down even ONE redundant voting location in Commissioners Court District 3.  

Become an Election Judge

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