Let's Take Back Congress

13 Republicans Vote With the Democrats

We fail to see the logic in electing 13 Republican Congressmen who would vote with Democrats for the monstrous infrastructure $1.2 TRILLION spending bill which passed our U S House of Representatives.  If not for these 13 Congressmen, the vote would have been 215-219 and the bill would have been defeated.  Our own Texas Republican Members of Congress refused to participate in this gouging of the taxpayers of this country, and for that we highly encourage all Republicans to contact our Texas Republican Members of Congress and express our THANKS for standing strong. 

Credit C-SPAN.

Payment for this bill is funded by re-purposing coronavirus relief funds, unused federal unemployment, delaying Medicare expense payments for up to a year, selling of some of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and adding $350 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years.

After the destruction of millions of jobs across the country in 2021 in the plandemic,  Democrats are bragging that this bill will create 660,000 new infrastructure jobs over 4 years.  How will jobs be created when the prices of construction materials are skyrocketing because of major shortages in availability?  It defies simple math.

The 13 Republicans are:

  • Bacon (NE)
  • Fitzpatrick (PA)
  • Garbarino (NY)
  • Gonzalez (OH)
  • Katko (NY)
  • Kinzinger (IL)
  • Malliotakis (NY)
  • McKinley (WV)
  • Reed (NY)
  • Smith (NJ)
  • Upton (MI)
  • Van Drew (NJ)
  • Young (AL)

If you have family or friends in these states, please contact them and ask them to work to unseat those who would add to the burden of taxpayers across the country. Texas has many at risk Democrats as well!  It's up to all of us.

This is but one of the myriad issues facing Texas since the Biden Administration took over in January, to name a few:

  1. Houston and Dallas are the leaders of the nation in sex and human trafficking at our southern border.  
  2. Caravans are rushing the border to get in before Trump's border policies are re-instated, attracted by promises of $450,000 per person in false reparations.
  3. Construction of the border wall was abruptly halted and abandoned materials lay by the wayside, exposed to theft and decay.
  4. Cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline mid-way, destroying thousands of well paying jobs
  5. Troops were pulled out of Afghanistan ahead of getting American Citizens and Afghani US supporters out and many were abandoned to atrocities by the Taliban as they took over the country, reinforced and re-armed with $85 billion in US military equipment and assets left behind to use against the people of Afghanistan and ensure their control of the entire country.

Our Options

  1. Educate, organize, and activate our base; TALK to your neighbors and friends;
  2. Find Republican Candidates to run against every Democrat in office.  Ask them if they will agree to support Republican goals with their votes,  then hold them accountable for their votes; 
  3. TURN OUT OUR VOTERS for saner policies in November 2022.  We get the government in which we participate!