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We Need 8 Election Clerks For Central Count!

Breaking News!

We need eight Election Clerks to work in Central Count on Saturday and Sunday after Early Voting and on Election Day.


Sorry for the late notice, but we just found out about these assignments only a couple of hours ago.


The job will be to process the write-in votes for the District Judge, 301ST Judicial District race and tabulate on Election Day.


These assignments are for working in the Central Counting Station at Dallas County Elections Department at 1520 Round Table Drive, Dallas, TX 75247.


There will be 8 stations with a Republican and Democrat working at each station.


These are paid assignments BUT you do not have to already be on the Dallas County payroll system (like traditional Early Voting Election Workers) for these assignments. You will be a regular Election Worker paid just like Election Day Clerks.


If you already have an Early Voting assignment, working in Central Count on Saturday and Sunday WILL NOT CONFLICT with your current assignment since Early Voting will be over. If you have an Election Day assignment, working in Central Count on Election Day WILL INDEED CONFLICT with your current assignment since Voting Center operations will still be going on for Election Day. If you have an existing assignment for Election Day, please to not try to cancel your current assignment for this one.


If you are interested in these assignments, please reply via the online form at the button shown below.


Please hurry, we need to fill the assignments ASAP.

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