Reminders for Campaign Volunteers

Reminders for Those Working the Nov. 8th Election, Both Early Voting and Election Day

Monday, October 17, 2022

Just SEVEN days before early voting begins, and only TWENTY-TWO days until Elections Day.

Here are a few reminders for those of you working the election near Voting Centers.


Campaign Staff: if you want assistance getting your signs to all the Early Voting Centers, please bring your signs to HQ by Thursday, October 20.  There are 52 Earle Vote Centers. Aaron Ceder will be organizing an effort to get all signs out.  We need willing volunteers to meet at HQ at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 23.  Aaron can coordinate to get signs distributed before that time as well.

For Election Day, we will be organizing the same effort as well as asking Precinct Chairs to take their signs to the Voting Centers.  This will be more important as we are now up to 463 Voting Centers for Election Day.  We will get more information out on that effort as Election Day approaches.


There are new laws regarding electioneering mandated by Texas SB-1.  Here are the highlights:

  1. You CANNOT wear apparel or hats or display signs for literature for any candidate on the ballot within 100 feet of any Voting Center.  Period.  We have been told this will be enforced and violators will be charged with a Class C misdemeanor.  You also may be asked to leave the Voting Center premises.  The point is to prevent conflict at Voting Centers.
  2. You may wear MAGA hats because President Trump is not on the ballot.
  3. You may not campaign, work, take photos, use laptops or iPads, or distribute literature within 100 feet of a Voting Center.
  4. You cannot take any photos or selfies within 100 feet of a Voting Center.

Campaigns: PLEASE instruct your campaign staff about these rules and do not violate them.  (1) It is a Class C misdemeanor and subject to a $500 fine, (2) we do not want Republicans in the media for disrupting Voting Centers, and (3) this kind of behavior hurts the candidate rather than helps the candidate.


A few of the campaigns have let me know you will be there and would like a table/area for your staff.  Please let me or Lori know if you want an area.  We have a very large space at Smoky Rose and should be able to accommodate everyone, but we would like to arrange it so campaigns have as much privacy as possible.  We hope all candidates will drop by Smoky Rose at some time during the evening.

THANK ALL OF YOU for your tremendous efforts!  We are all so proud of you and what you are doing.  We will be working tirelessly to get the vote out for each one of you.

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu,
Dallas County Republican Party