Election Judges

Become A Dallas County Election Judge

The Dallas County Republican Party needs Election Judges for the 2022 election cycle, including Presiding Judges and Alternate Judges. We want to staff every Dallas County Voting Center with Republican Judges for all local elections, primary and general elections. Your service as an Election Judge will help us achieve fair elections conducted in a bipartisan fashion according to the election code. We will see that you get training and support.  WE are part of the solution!

Presiding Judges oversee all aspects of voting in one of the Dallas County Voting Centers.  If Republicans fail to recruit and assign Presiding or Alternate Judges, Democrats are only too happy to fill our spots with one of their own.

For general elections, Presiding Election Judges are assisted by an Alternate Judge of the other party. In some Voting Centers, the Presiding Judge will be a Republican and the Alternate Judge will be a Democrat. In other Voting Centers, the roles will be reversed. Working together, with full transparency, both Judges can ensure bipartisan elections. Which political party is the Presiding Judge is determined by which party gained the most votes in the most-recent Gubernatorial Election for the precinct in which the Voting Center is located. The minority party serves as the Alternate Judge.

For Republican primary elections, both the Presiding Election Judge and the Alternate Judge will be from the Republican Party.

Presiding Judges and Alternate Judges are paid positions; Dallas County Elections Department will pay the stipulated fee for your service. 

Both Election Day and Early Voting positions are available.


The qualifications of a Dallas County Election Judge are::

  1. Be a registered voter in Dallas County;
  2. Not holding an elected office or a current candidate for elected office;
  3. Be able to work during voting hours 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on an election day plus set-up and close-down of the Voting Center and deliver the voting ballots to a turn-in center; and
  4. Be able to attend the unpaid 4-hour training session on election procedures and use of the equipment.

How To Be Appointed as an Election Judge

If you would like to serve as an Election Judge for the Dallas County Republican Party, please fill out and submit the secure online application at the button below.

Election Worker Application

The Dallas County Republican Party will review your application and contact you to conduct a short interview. If accepted, once your application is verified, the Dallas County Republican Party will submit your name for the position by presenting it to the Dallas County Commissioners Court for formal appointment. Once appointed, your services as an Election Judge will be contracted with Dallas County Elections Department. You will be offered several dates and times for the required training at the Dallas County Elections Department located at 1520 Round Table, Dallas, TX 75247. When you arrive for training, you will provide your Texas Driver License to confirm your identity and your Social Security Number so that you can be added to their payroll system. They will also help you with the remaining paperwork for your appointment. They will then provide your training on elections procedures and the use of the election equipment.  Please be advised that there will be additional training by DCRP, but does not replace the requirement by the Dallas County Elections Department to attend  their training.

Your appointment will last two years and the vast majority of Elections Judges will seek re-appointment for multiple terms. Circumstances change, and if for some reason you are unable to fulfill a two year appointment, please contact our DCRP office that we have adequate advance notice to find a Republican replacement.

Election Judges must be registered voters in Dallas County but don't have to be residents in the precinct of their Voting Center. Dallas County now provides county-wide voting wherein any Dallas County voter can vote in any Dallas County Voting Center.