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Poll Watcher Application Form

The Election Integrity Committee and its Chair operate the DCRP Poll Watchers organization including their recruitment, overseeing their training and the assignment and deployment of Poll Watchers to observe Dallas County Voting Centers. We are actively scaling up the number of our Poll Watchers and have plenty of opportunities for service.

Both DCRP and the Secretary of State for the State of Texas provide training about how to be a Poll Watcher. The Secretary of State for the State of Texas training is required and produces a certificate that you must possess in order to be a Poll Watcher in a Voting Center in Texas.

As a Poll Watcher, you will be appointed by a particular candidate for office or to watch on behalf of the DCRP. The Election Integrity Committee provides a centralized resource for training and operations for not only the Party but also all candidates in the County.

To be a Poll Watcher in Dallas County, you must be a resident of Dallas County and a Registered Voter so please provide your County of Residence and your VUID number (your Voter Uniques Identification Number as shown on your Voter Registration card.)

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