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Apply to Become a Dallas County Republican Party Precinct Chair

Precinct Chairs are the backbone of the Dallas County Republican Party. In these political times, it is imperative for and incumbent upon Precinct Chairs in Dallas County to be VERY active.  Our primary job is to contact our fellow Republicans in our Precincts, get information to them regarding upcoming candidate forums and elections, dates and times.  As a precinct chair, you are given data to enable you to contact the constituents in your precinct and recruit Vice-Chairs to help you cover your precinct.  This is also our farm team, to lift up others to feel confident to follow in your footsteps and get interested, involved and informed.  Many voters in Dallas County are unaware of the importance of Primary elections, School Board and Municipal City Council Elections.  Voter apathy in Dallas County School Board and Municipal elections is the reason for the liberal progress of issues in Dallas County.  People who say their vote doesn't matter so they won't vote is the REASON that we have such low turnout. Dallas County Republican Party refuses to raise the white flag.  We are on a MISSION to recruit, train, equip, and launch new Precinct Chairs to cover every Precinct Chair opening in Dallas County.  COME JOIN THE TEAM! 

To apply to be a Precinct Chair, please follow the process below:

Click Here To Download a Precient Chair Application As a Microsoft Word Document

If you are using the Chrome browser, upon clicking the link in the large button shown above, the Microsoft Word document will download to the "Recent Downloads" menu in the upper-right corner of your browser. If you use another web browser, all have similar functions but their usage will vary a bit. Open the application document in Microsoft Word (or any other compatible word processor) and follow the instructions in the document. When completed, save the updated file. Please and please send your application to the e-mail address shown in the document. For all inquiries, email your completed application to our Executive Director, Susan Fountain. at . She will be in touch with you regarding the next steps.

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The current term of office for Precinct Chairs ends in June 2024.  We have a monthly County Executive Committee of all Precinct Chairs, and attendance of TWO is required per State Election Laws. 

Thank you for your steadfast dedication to our County and our State!

Jennifer Stoddard-Hadju
Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman

Precinct Chair Handbook