Precinct Chair Appointment Application

The Dallas County Republican Party Precinct Chair program provides the tools and training to deliver Republican votes. A Republican Precinct Chair has three main duties: maximize the Republican vote in a precinct, participate in Executive Committee meetings, and be available to serve as an election worker. A Precinct Chair must be a qualified voter in that precinct which he/she serves and be affiliated with the Republican Party through voting in the GOP primary election or runoff or otherwise clearly aligned with the Republican Party.

There can be only one Republican Precinct Chair in each precinct. There are two ways to become a Precinct Chair. Texas Election Code (Chapter 171:B) mandates that Precinct Chairs must either be elected in the Republican Primary Election for a two-year term or appointed by the County Executive Committee to fulfill the unexpired portion of a two-year term for an open Precinct Chair position.

The form below will submit a Precinct Chair Appointment Application to the Dallas County Republican Party. The appointment process is approximately 60 days. All applications will be reviewed by the Precinct Chair Vacancy Committee. You may be contacted by this committee for an interview. The committee determines which applicants to recommend to the full Executive Committee for final appointment.

To determine whether your precinct is vacant, please visit or contact Joel James at headquarters at 214-369-9555.

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I submit this application to be considered for appointment by the Dallas County Republican Executive Committee to fill the remaining term of the office of Precinct Chair . I swear that I am a resident of the precinct I am applying for and a citizen of the United States eligible to hold such office under the Constitution and laws of this state. I have not been finally convicted of a felony for which I have not been pardoned or had my full rights of citizenship restored by other official action. I have not been determined by a final judgement of a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote. I understand I am responsible to fulfill the office of Precinct Chair pursuant to Sections 171.022, 171.0221, 171.023, 171.0231, and 171.024 of the Texas Election Code. I further swear that all statements included in my application are in all things true and correct. *