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SREC Report

SD-12 SREC Quarterly Meeting Report

Hello District 12,
A week ago, we attended the first quarterly meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee since the State Convention this past June.  Jill is returning as Legislative Priorities chair and presided over the new Legislative Priorities committee, of which David is the sub-committee chair for Banning Democrat Chairs.  Jill is the sub-committee chair for Banning Gender Modification of Children.

David is also serving on the Convention planning committee, which is gearing up for our 2024 State Convention in San Antonio.  Jill also serves on the Partnerships and Coalitions committee.  We are looking forward to many of our organizations working with us on get-out-the-vote initiatives and helping with legislative priorities.

We have an excellent, cohesive SREC body elected at the state convention, and we worked efficiently on Saturday to review finances, committee reports, and debate and pass resolutions.  The resolutions we passed can be seen here:

These include:

  1. Resolution enforcing party platform 234, which is asking our legislators to publish their legislative priorities before the session starts and include our RPT Legislative Priorities
  2. Resolution in support of the due process rights of the Jan 6 protestors
  3. Resolution on restoring the sovereignty of Texas and border integrity
  4. Resolution to support parents, schools, and districts in rejection of gender identity policies and protecting school lunch programs
Jill presiding over the Legislative Priorities Committee
(Jill presiding over the Legislative Priorities Committee)

The Candidate Resource Committee, which supports down-ballot candidates in need of financial support, distributed nearly $80,000 to approximately 60 down-ballot Republican nominees from across Texas.  A second round of funding will be processed next week and late applications will also be considered.

We would like to thank Representative Tan Parker for donating $1,000.00 to the CRC, and would urge anyone else who would like to donate to please contact Jill or David.  These races, which include the State Board of Education, commissioners, and other down-ballot offices, often have more trouble raising funds for campaigns.  The RPT is proud to help as we can, especially as we are all so much more aware of the need to flip Democrat seats locally.

Republicans are more energized than ever to get our candidates elected.  We are attending as many events across the District as possible.  This past week Jill was glad to join the Wise County Republican Party as they welcomed Lt Governor Dan Patrick and State Board of Education candidate Evelyn Brooks.

(Jill & Karen Drury with Lt Gov Patrick)

We look forward to working with all of you as we entire the final push to get our Republican candidates elected in November.  If there is anything that we can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

David Wylie 

Jill Glover

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