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Photo of Chairman West with DCRP logo and the words "Chairman's Monday Message."

The Party of Criminals, Illegals, and Terrorists

As we head into this critical 2024 election cycle, we consistently hear, and have heard, the leftists seek to denigrate and disparage anyone not accepting their insidious ideological agenda. Leftists — aka the Democrat Party — label people as extremists, insurrectionists, racists, fascists, neanderthals, white supremacists, and a host of other demeaning names. Their objective is to dehumanize their opposition making it acceptable to attack them; yes, even physically. However, these are empty tools of propaganda and have no real validity at all. As a matter of fact, every characterization that leftists, Marxists, hurl at their political opposition, they are actually the guilty ones. One need only to read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the leftist playbook, to lucidly see this tactic.

But, in response, there is a clear way of defining the progressive socialist left in America, the Democrats, that is rooted in fact and truth. The Democrat Party has, indeed, become the party of criminals, illegals, and terrorists. This is a real means of challenging the left based upon their policies and actions, the results of which we are currently enduring.

First, the party of criminals: It cannot be denied that we have countless leftist District Attorneys who are more concerned with social justice — whatever the heck that means — than justice. We can begin with the inane policy of no-cash bail which has resulted in the mass releasing of violent criminals back onto our streets. As well, when we are told, such as here in Dallas County, that crimes of a value less than $750 will not be prosecuted, no wonder I must request the opening of a secured shelf in order to buy shaving razors. Think about it, leftists have openly stated that theft, as we see in most major cities, is a form of reparations. This abject disregard for law and order has led to multiple businesses closing down in inner city communities. In Chicago, Walmart decided to leave a crime ridden neighborhood, as well as other grocery stores. What was the response of the avowed leftist, socialist, Mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson? Well, perhaps the government should open up grocery stores. If memory serves me correctly, there was a place called the Soviet Union that did that.

But, it is not just crimes such as theft we are witnessing, we also are seeing a rise in assaults, rapes, and yes, murder. In Austin, Texas where their leftist City Council decided to defund the police, murder has risen. Here in Dallas, the City Council has enacted a backdoor defunding of the police, with the ensuing result being a rise in violent crimes.

Yet, you ask Democrats about this, and they say crime is down. Tell that to the victims, who are mainly Black and Hispanic.

Being the Party of criminals also dovetails into the next characterization of the Democrat Party: the Party of illegals. It is first and foremost a crime to enter into our Republic illegally. It is a violation of our sovereignty, our laws. Yet, the Dallas City Council voted against the bill passed in the last Texas legislative session. In other words, the Dallas City Council welcomes those who criminally enter into the United States of America, into Texas. This is a contributing factor to Dallas being the #2 city in America for sex trafficking. Also, when you are traveling around Dallas County and you see the young women with babies in their front packs, and young men, selling flowers in the hot Texas sun, that is the face of human trafficking. But, the so-called compassionate leftists care little, since they are the party of illegal immigrants.

This probably explains why the leftists, Democrats, are not alarmed about a 12-year-old Texas girl Jocelyn Nungaray being brutally raped and killed by two illegal immigrants who entered our state through El Paso. This is consistent with their utter disregard for Laken Riley of Georgia, along with their dismissal of a 13-year-old girl raped by illegal immigrants in NYC, and 37-year-old mother of five in Maryland, raped and killed by illegal immigrants. In the case of young Jocelyn, the AP wire did not even mention that the two men were illegal immigrants. These are just recent cases. Restoration of America has decided to compile a gruesome list of crimes by illegal immigrants and have posted such on their website.

Now, Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler confirms the attitude of the Party of illegals when he says, “Illegals commit less crimes than Americans.” I guess that is supposed to make us all feel better?

Lastly, in line with the two previous characterizations, the Democrat Party is the party of terrorists. Lest we forget, that the first domestic terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Klan, was a product of said Party of the Jackass. Yeah, Jim Crow and Black voter intimidation was their calling card. It was Democrat President Woodrow Wilson that hosted the screening of the Klan film “Birth of a Nation” in the White House. It was Joe Biden who eulogized his Democrat Senate colleague, Robert Byrd, a Klan Grand Wizard. Today the left in America is openly embracing an Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas.

Along with that, the open border policies of the Democrat Party has led to an influx of individuals in America who are on the terrorist watch list. Recently we have come to learn of a terrorist threat to Marine Corps Base, Quantico by Syrian illegal immigrants. Eight illegal immigrants from Tajikistan, with ISIS affiliations, were picked up in NYC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, after being overheard speaking about bomb-making. We have now learned that an ISIS sponsored smuggling network has infiltrated some 400 into our country. This is on top of Barack Obama releasing the top five senior Taliban leaders from GITMO, and Joe Biden giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban, with $85 billion of US military equipment. Now those five Taliban leaders are back in leadership.

A once bankrupt Iran, the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, is now flush with cash thanks to the Biden administration. An administration where the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown, admitted in an interview that if Israel were to be engaged in a two front war with Hezbollah, the US would not be able to support them. The same Hezbollah that killed 234 US Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers in the October 23, 1983, Beirut barracks bombing. Oh, and do not forget, we also have some 30,000-35,000 single military-age male Chinese running around in our country to go with 1.5 million-2 million gotaways, and an overall number of hundreds of thousands of single military-age males — many are gang members — inside our borders.

Consider this, as the Democrat Party is lending aid and comfort to criminals, illegals, and terrorists, their stated goal is to disarm everyday legal, law abiding Americans.

Now, what I am about to say may offend some, so be it: If you decide to vote for the Party of criminals, illegals, and terrorists, you are dead from the neck up, and I mean stuck on stupid. Real Texans, and Americans, will not continue to sit by and watch our young people die because of fentanyl poisoning. We will not continue to allow our girls, wives, and mothers to be brutally assaulted. If necessary, we will do what is required to restore law and order, safety and security to our neighborhoods and communities.

Don’t be on the wrong side of this issue. Do not believe that I, and many others, will allow your delusional ideological agenda to threaten and undermine our Constitutional Republic to succeed.

Steadfast and Loyal.“Fight Local . . . Win National”

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