Jan 15

Dallas County Republican Party at Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade

L to r Mark Hajdu, candidate for Texas HD114, Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu, Dallas Republican Party Chairwoman, Susan Fountain Executive Director of Dallas County Republican Party, Tina Price, and Guillermo Colon, Republican Precinct Chairs turned out to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, a Republican who affected change for millions of African Americans.

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Dec 08

Jennifer Vidler Wins Mesquite City Council Place 3 Runoff

Jennifer Vidler will serve as the Mesquite City Council Place 3 representative. Ms. Vidler won 52% (293) of the votes in the runoff election, defeating Elizabeth Rodriguez-Ross, who got 48% (268) of the votes. Ms. Vidler ran on a program of (1) Repairing roads and alleyways, (2) Tax relief, (3) Ethics reform for our elected positions as well as those appointed, and (4) support for First Responders. She believes one must learn to serve before one may lead. Ms. Vidler has spent much of her life serving in her community.

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Nov 16

The City of Mesquite Elects Daniel Aleman Jr.as First Hispanic Mayor

Daniel Aleman Jr. won the City of Mesquite Mayor's election with 59% of the vote to become the 27th mayor of the growing city and the first Hispanic to be elected to the position. Mayor Aleman is a third-generation Mexican-American. Before his election to the mayor position, he was a member of the City Council and a long-time local pastor. He was sworn into office on November 15th at city hall.

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Nov 15

Rep. Ryan Guillen Switches Parties; Leaves Democrats To Become a Republican

A longtime Texas Democrat switched his affiliation to the Republican Party over the Democrat's embrace of defunding the police policies and the chaos on the southern border. Rep. Ryan Guillen announced in a Monday press conference that he would seek reelection as a Republican, saying the Democratic Party's far-left values are no longer in line with his own.

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Nov 02

We Flipped It! The Texas House Just Got Redder With the Election of John Lujan to HD 118

Congratulations to our newest member of the Texas House, Republican candidate John Lujan who flipped the Texas House seat for HD 118 in a Special Election Runoff Victory on Nov. 2! The result was a 2.4 percentage-point victory that left Republicans exhilarated in winning a Democrat-held seat. Rep. Lujan is the only Republican ever to win this seat.

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Oct 18

The Dallas County Republican Party Launches Its New Website on October 18, 2021

Dallas - The Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) has launched its new website on the evening of October 18, 2021. Using advanced content management and media platforms, the website will grow steadily for the foreseeable future as we add new and exciting content to support Party activities and our slate of candidates for election in 2022.

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