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Website Support

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How To Log Into

This is a 5:09 (m:ss) video showing how to log into the security-protected facet of our website platform.

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Why do I get an error message that says, "Sorry, unable to complete requested action" when I try to submit an online form?

This is a unique message for transactions we block for very specific network security issues. They are almost always caused by your VPN provider assigning a risky IP address to your public-facing port. We purposely block certain IP addresses that are used by high-volume SPAMMERS and malware bad actors. This action is necessary to prevent malware from entering our system and to limit penetration attacks. This is the outermost layer of our multiple security protections. Unfortunately, normal people who use consumer-grade VPN services can get caught in this protection when the VPN service sells the use of their VPN service to bad actors. With almost all VPNs, the outward-facing IP address of the VPN hides your personal IP address. In all VPNs these outward-facing IP addresses are shared by all clients of the VPN. We have no technical way to tell the good actors from the bad once they are co-mingled onto the same IP address, so we have to ban all users of the IP address. If the VPN sells its service to one or more bad actors, the use of the shared IP address by the bad actor can pollute all users of the shared IP address provided by the VPN. Fortunately, the workaround is easy: just turn off your VPN when entering a form on our site (details below.)

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Apple Mail Issues On iPhones and iPads for all DCRP Email From the Website

Please Note: As of August 8, 2023, this issue has been solved. Apple has shown no interest in fixing their bug (it still persists in their latest updates) and we got tired of waiting. So, to serve our constituents, we built a special e-mail transport stream that bypasses the bug. The bug in Apple Mail still exists but our newly implemented fix bypasses it entirely. Apple Mail users DO NOT have to do anything to benefit. Your DCRP mail viewed on Apple Mail will, going forward, can be viewed normally.

This bug report will remain for historical purposes.

There is a known issue with displaying any mail from the web server on iPhones and iPads (iOS devices). The problem has been isolated to a known bug within the Apple Mail e-mail reader application. Apple currently does not have a fix for this problem.

The problem can be recreated in the lab and is repeatable. Unfortunately, the problem will persist until Apple fixes the bug in its software. The problem isn’t with us, end-users' e-mail providers or the iPhone/iPad device itself. It is uniquely and specifically in the Apple Mail e-mail reader app (software.)

Apple currently doesn’t have a fix for this problem either locally in its Genius Bar in its stores or nationally through Apple Support. They don’t know when the bug will be fixed. After discussions with Apple, I don't expect a fix to the forthcoming in the near future.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround that can be used until Apple fixes its bug. Simply download the "Outlook for iPhone" e-mail reader application in the Apple App Store (or any of the other e-mail reader apps) until such time as Apple patches the issue. The Outlook application does not exhibit the problem. It is free and doesn't require any changes to your mail server or mail provider. It takes less than two minutes to download, install and configure. When Apple fixes its bug, you can return to using the Apple Mail app.

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User Accounts Can Only Have One User with a Unique E-mail Address

In our system, each user is assumed to be a unique individual and will be given a unique User Account.

Our system uses dynamic information provided by each user for certain interactive functions. All online forms will assume that the information submitted using that form should be linked to that unique User Account.

The unique-user-per-account assumption will cover every circumstance EXCEPT couples: more than one person in a household EACH doing business with us. We do NOT support shared User Accounts. Each member of a couple should set up their own unique User Account.

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Each Unique User Only Needs One User Account

Every user only needs only one User Account. Couples still need one account per person (User Accounts and e-mail addresses can’t be shared), but each user only should have one User Account for all interactions with us.

Our technical platform uses a technology called “single sign on” wherein all portals and private facets can be accessed for one account by adding access privileges to multiple private facets to the one master User Account.

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Check Your SPAM Filtering For Our E-Mail

With so much SPAM in the e-mail streams today, many consumer-grade e-mail services and products are getting very aggressive with their filtering. This produces a lot of false positives where good e-mail is filtered.

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