We're Recruiting Candidates for Local Elections in 2023; Just a Few People Can Make a Huge Difference!

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If You Will Step Up, We Will Support You!

We get the government in which we participate.

Having liberal leadership in the City of Dallas is evidenced by the issues we are now dictated by all over our city and encroaching into our suburbs. We need a change in leadership going back to right-of-center and fiscal conservative sanity in our spending at the local level.

Municipal elections all over Dallas County will be held in May 2023 and the filing deadlines for these generally fall between mid-January and mid-February 2023. 

We are seeking Dallas City Council Candidates in all 14 single-member districts to change the liberal direction of the City of Dallas. All districts come up for election every two years in odd years and Mayor is up every four years (2023 is the 4th year of Eric Johnson's term). We are on a fast track to becoming the next Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia. Dallas residents are fleeing the city of Dallas to escape the following issues. The shutdowns of 2020 and 2021 have severely damaged and destroyed small business owners and entrepreneurs. Office buildings are vacant, and some City of Dallas residents' lives have been changed forever.

  • Public safety, loss of police officers
  • Fewer services for our tax dollars
  • Loss of residents to the suburbs leads to businesses leaving for the suburbs as well.  Loss of economic development.
  • Homeless encampments are on the rise, sheltering drug abuse and mental illness.  Trash and filth are at many major intersections.
  • South Dallas development has been forgotten and neglected 

We are looking for those few good men and women to step up and lend their leadership skills to the Dallas City Council election in May 2023. These issues didn't happen overnight and they won't be cured in a short time. This is a long-term project to change the direction of Dallas. We are building a support team in all districts to further encourage those who would make good candidates. If you are that person or know that person, we need to talk to you! Please contact us as soon as possible. Now is the time to look toward May 2023! We get the government in which we participate. Please contact our office. Info@DallasGOP.org