DCRP Calendar Request

DCRP Calendar Listing Request

Republican-aligned organizations may request that DCRP list their events in our public calendar. The DCRP reserves the right to review and select which events are listed in our calendar.

Request for Calendar Listing

Please provide complete information about the event you wish to have listed on the DCRP calendar.

New or Updated Listing?
Does Your Event Repeat?

Please limit your Short Description to 80 characters. The Short Description is used in the calendar grid when the user selects the "Weekly" calendar view.

In the Long Description, you can provide as much information as you wish. There is no practical upper limit. 600-800 words (not characters) can be accommodated. Also, you can include hyperlinks as URLs. The Long Description is only used on the Event Details page which is a dedicated web page for the event.

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