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The DCRP is building a grassroots organization of Precinct Chairs and volunteers.

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Get Involved - Put Your Beliefs Into Action

The Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) strongly believes in the strength and power of a grassroots organization; one composed of citizen volunteers willing to invest their time in building a better republic and a better city and a better county. The most effective way to accomplish our goals is by volunteering and getting involved in the grassroots of the Party.

We have many opportunities for you to help that are shown below. We need your help in the fight to take our county back. Find a spot you like and take the first step on the road to a brighter future for all in our community.

In the broadest terms, in the last year, we have focused on several areas of activity:

  • Doing grassroots political organizing by trying to fill all open Precinct Chairs in Dallas County where there is a population of voters in the precinct (some precincts are in heavily-industrial areas with few, if any, homes.) We have made a LOT(!) of progress in this area but we still have a little ways to go to reach our goal.
  • Ensuring free and fair elections by recruiting enough Election Judges (Presiding and Alternates) to put a Republican Elections Officer in all 400-470 Voting Centers in Dallas County. Further, we have been building a trained Poll Watcher organization to provide additional eyes in Voting Centers and in the Central Counting Facility.
  • Expanding our Volunteer Deputy Registrar corps to help register voters and in the dynamic precincts with lots of move-in, helping registered voters change their addresses so they are ready for the upcoming election.
  • Building a volunteer organization to work in campaigns, particularly in down-ballot campaigns for local candidates. These are the campaigns that are not only important but where a few volunteers can win elections.
  • Building a volunteer organization to help out in our office and at special events.

We have made headway across the board in all of these activities but we are not finished yet. Longer lead-time taskings were started sooner and are already bearing fruit. However, all of our activities will continue and peak in advance of the November election.

NOW is the time to step up. JOIN US. There are many opportunities where you can participate that can match your available time.

Grassroots Political Organizing

As the Dallas County Republican Party, we are putting a lot of effort into political organizing. We want to grow the party and grow the number of Republican voters. This requires focused efforts to do it efficiently. We're investing a lot of time in force-multiplication work.

Precinct Chairs

Our first efforts have been focused on increasing the number and effectiveness of our Precinct Chairs. We not only want more of them to fill every vacancy in Dallas County that have voters in residence, but we also want to make all of our Precinct Chairs more effective by providing more training and better tools.

Precinct Chairs are our core "boots on the ground" for each Chair's home precinct. The Precinct Chair is the coordinator of the smallest and most granular political unit in the DCRP. Precinct Chairs have responsibilities to both the party as well as to their constituents.

The general concept of Precinct Chairs is that individual precincts are small enough to allow the Precinct Chair to get to know every voter in their precinct and gain a deep understanding of their voters. Meeting and getting to know people in their precincts is one of the most rewarding (and fun) things that the Precinct Chairs do.

In the most general terms, the duties of Precinct Chairs are to:

  • Get to know the people in the precinct and learn the unique nuances inherent in many precincts.
  • Identify all registered voters in the precinct.
  • Register new voters in the precinct and assist with change of addresses for people newly moved into the precinct.
  • Informing voters in the precinct about candidates and the important issues of the time.
  • Get voters in the precinct involved in elections and participate as much as they are willing.
  • Turn out the vote.

Precinct Chairs often recruit and train additional volunteers to assist in their Precinct Chair's duties such as (1) a Vice-Chair,  (2) Block Captains, and (3) additional volunteers around elections to make phone calls or knock on doors.

Together, all Precinct Chairs form the Dallas County Republican Party Executive Committee which oversees the Dallas County Republican Party according to our bylaws and elects its chair.

Precinct Chairs are elected every two years in the Republican Primary and are voted upon by the registered voters in the Precinct Chair's precinct. As the elected representative of the party in the precinct, Precinct Chairs take an oath of office to the Texas and United States Constitutions. After being sworn in, Precinct Chair training and mentoring are available.

 Becoming a Precinct Chair

Precincts without a currently-serving Precinct Chair may be filled by appointment for the remaining term of office. Many Precinct Chairs start out as appointed to the office between elections for the remaining term of office for those precincts with empty Chairs. Typically, appointed Precinct Chairs stand for elections in the next Republican Primary and often run unopposed.

Filling all open Precinct Chair assignments is a function of the Precinct Chair Vacancy Committee. They meet once a month to interview Precinct Chair candidates for appointment, vet their applications and recommend applicants to the County Chair for approval of the County Executive Committee (CEC). Typically, a slate of candidates is presented for approval at the next CEC meeting and then sworn into their office.

Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) Precinct Chairs must live in the precinct in which he/she serves, and should be a Republican Primary voter or otherwise clearly aligned with the Republican Party.

Apply to Become a Precinct Chair

Ensuring Free and Fair Elections

One of the most important goals of the DCRP is to make sure we have free and fair elections in Dallas County that conform with the State of Texas  Constitution, its laws and administrative code as well as those of the United States.

Free and fair elections are based on laws but their lifeblood is achieving transparency and visibility in the whole election process.

Judges, Alternates and Clerks Committee

Election officials are essential in the operational aspects of maintaining free and fair elections where voting is easy but cheating is hard. The best way to ensure fair and transparent elections is to have at least one Republic election official in every Voting Center in Dallas County. By law, even in precincts where we are the minority party, we have the right to one of the judgeships in every Voting Center.

Presiding Judges and Alternate Judges are in the best position and authority to observe how elections are conducted.

With the law on our side, all we have to do is recruit and train the necessary number of election officials to staff over 400 Voting Centers. That is not as easy as it sounds. With the advent of county-wide voting a couple of years ago and its subsequent radical scaling up of the number of Voting Centers in Dallas County, the need for the number of Elections Officials has almost doubled.

Putting at least one Republican election official in every Voting Center in Dallas County is a primary and priority objective of the Dallas County Republican Party.

The recruitment, training and scheduling processes are managed by the "Judges, Alternates and Clerks (JAC) Committee" of the DCRP.

Apply To Become an Election Worker

You can become an Election Worker. Opportunities for your participation include:

Elections Officers are the people to run Voting Centers and maintain good order in the polling place. This is a constitutionally-sworn position who are trained for the necessary duties and responsibilities by both the DCRP and the Dallas County Elections Department (DCED). There is a small stipend paid by Dallas County for these positions.

Presiding Judge - in General Elections, Presiding Judges are the chief election officials within their assigned Voting Center. The Presiding Judge in each Voting Center comes from the party that received the most votes in the last gubernatorial election in that precinct. Presiding Judges are nominated by their party and officially appointed to office by the Commissioners Court of Dallas County for a two-year term.

Co-Judge - in Joint Primaries where the Republicans and Democrats conduct a Primary Election in the same Voting Center using the same electronic voting equipment, rather than each voting center having one Presiding Judge, Joint Primaries have two Co-Judges of equal authority, one from each party. Republican Co-Judges adjudicate issues with Republican voters participating in the Republican Primary and Democrat Co-Judges adjudicate issues with Democrat voters participating in the Democrat Primary.

Alternate Judge - in General Elections, each voting center also has an Alternate Judge, The Alternate Judge in each Voting Center comes from the party that received the second-most votes in the last gubernatorial election in that precinct. Alternate Judges are nominated by their party and officially sanctioned by the Commissioners Court of Dallas County for a two-year term. It is the duty of Alternate Judges to assume the Presiding Judges duties and authorities if the Presiding Judge leaves the Voting Center. Alternate Judges also observe voting operations and co-sign many of the resulting reports.

Election Clerks - in all elections, Election Clerks are the people who conduct elections under the direct supervision of their Presiding Judge or Co-Judge. Voting operations include checking in voters, operating the e-poll books, maintaining the voter check-in roster, and overseeing the ballot markup devices and ballot tabulator. There is a small stipend paid by Dallas County for these positions.

Election Integrity Committee

In addition to our election officials conducting elections, the laws in the State of Texas provide for an independent organization for observing the operations inside Voting Centers as well as certain operations in the ballot-counting and audit process of the Dallas County Elections Department (DCED).

The Election Integrity Committee of the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP), under its chair, operates the Poll Watcher organization as well as liaises with certain reporting and audit functions with Dallas County Elections Department (DCED). The Chairman of the Election Integrity Committee manages committee functions as well as advises the Dallas County Republican Party Chair for reporting irregularities to the Dallas County Elections Department and the formation of the Election Integrity policies and position of the DCRP.

The Election Integrity Committee and its Chair operate the DCRP Poll Watchers organization including their recruitment, overseeing their training and the assignment and deployment of Poll Watchers to their assignments. We are actively scaling up the number of our Poll Watchers and have plenty of opportunities for service.

Both DCRP and the Secretary of State for the State of Texas provide training about how to be a Poll Watcher.

As a Poll Watcher, you will be appointed by a particular candidate for office or on behalf of the DCRP. The Election Integrity Committee provides a centralized resource for training and operations for all candidates in the County.

Apply To Become a Poll Watcher or observer

Volunteer Deputy Registrars

We could use your help registering new voters in our push to register more voters in Dallas County. The best way to help is for you to become an officially sanctioned Volunteer Deputy Registrar.  The State of Texas has a program in which volunteers can be trained, tested and certified to help more people become registered to vote. The program and its establishing law created an official position called "Volunteer Deputy Registrars" or "VDR." Under the Texas laws that created the position, Volunteer Deputy Registrars are the only people outside of State and County Election Officials who are entrusted with the responsibility of officially registering voters in the State of Texas.

Any other person may not receive another person’s registration application until they have satisfactorily completed training (developed or approved by the Secretary of State) and is appointed as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar. The status of Volunteer Deputy Registrar is issued on a county-by-county basis and is deputized in the county where you plan to be registering voters. However, VDRs in one county may seek additional appointments as VDRs in other counties. Many VDRs indeed become appointed in more than one county so they can serve the entire Metroplex in voter registration drives.

VDRs are appointed by the County Voter Registrars and charged with helping increase voter registration in the state. VDRs are officially sanctioned to distribute registration applications, assist people in completing the applications and deliver the resulting voter applications to the Dallas County Elections Department in a timely manner. VDRs can assist in educating the voters about upcoming elections and distributing election information.

VDRs play a very invaluable role in voter registration drives and are important in the efforts of the Dallas County Republican Party to achieve its voter registration goals.

It is also very rewarding work to help people register to vote.

It is not difficult to become a VDR and the Dallas County Elections Department makes it easy and quick.

Become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar

Volunteering In a Campaign

How badly do you want to change Dallas County? Well, get off your butt and do something. Get involved and do something.

Become a Campiagn Volunteer

Volunteer to Work on the Website

We're Looking for a Few Good Creative People. Do you have creative skills that you would like to contribute to helping the Dallas County Republican Party? If so, you can volunteer to help us with producing content for our new website.

We have creative assignments for writers, graphic artists, photographers, videographers and copyeditors. Experience level doesn't matter; experienced professionals, hobbyists or students are welcome. You all can find interesting, creative and fulfilling work that will greatly help the Dallas County Republican Party.

You can work as little or as much as you wish.

These are UN-PAID volunteer positions.

Your content will be featured on the new DCRP website and social media. You will support our editorial efforts for building new public content as well as the needs of the site's secure portals that support various committees. Our "beat" will be the Republican politics in Dallas County and the activities of our candidates.

Become a Website Volunteer