Sep 23

Help Protect Election Integrity: Become a Poll Watcher

In summary, what do Poll Watchers do? Poll Watcher … well, first and foremost … watch. They then report their observations. That’s it in a nutshell. It is a noble calling.

Our volunteer Poll Watchers serve a vital role in the voting process by helping to protect election integrity in our Dallas County Voting Centers. Poll Watchers are the last line of protection in the elections process that helps ensure free, fair and legal elections. Poll Watchers simply observe voting operations and report any anatomies or irregulates up the chain to the DCRP Elections Integrity Committee for any action that may be necessary. The overall goal is to make sure elections in Dallas County are conducted according to Texas laws and the election code.

This year, the DCRP has more than doubled the size of our Poll Watcher corps and we are still recruiting new members. We want the November 8th General Election to be the most well-observed election ever.

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Sep 16

Trouble in Paradise?

A story for the Dallas Morning News, reports internecine fighting between two prominent Dallas County Democrats over yet a third Democrat.

According to the story, there is a fight between Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and Dallas County Democrat Party Chair Kristy Noble. As reported, JWP wrote a letter calling Kristy Noble “vain” over a get-out-the-vote door-hanger campaign that featured her picture on the back. 

But here, the plot thickens. Tellingly, the letter also took a direct swipe at Ms. Noble for not supporting the ouster of the Dallas County Elections Administrator, Michael Scarpello who is also a Democrat.

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Sep 09

After a Week, the Dark Brandon Speech Has Not Played Well and It Was Not Honest

Things haven’t gone well for Biden since his “speech from hell” last week.  There are rumors this week of intermural conflicts inside the White House staff over the speech and Biden’s advance team being scapegoated for allowing the from-hell visual framing in the closeups.

It is also obvious that Biden’s speech from hell wasn’t remotely truthful; it only demonstrated Biden’s tendency to contort the truth merely to reinforce the premise he is trying to make at the time.

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Sep 02

Well, Biden’s Speech May Have Unified Us After All

Even the Biden White House doesn’t get things THIS WRONG with the ineptitude we’ve come to expect. This was not an accident. No, this was very deliberate. Despicable, but planned.

Political theater: Democrat Kabuki – a classic mid-term misdirection that attempts to change the conversation.

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Aug 26

No Destruction of Any Records from the 2020 Election!

In a meeting with Dallas County Elections Administrator Michael Scarpello, on Thursday, it was conveyed to him how many Republicans were concerned with the pending expiration of data archiving requirements from the November 2020 election department.  He was very reassuring when he responded that due to two pending lawsuits and a currently ongoing Secretary of State audit from the 2020 election, there would be absolutely no destruction of any records from that election.

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Oct 09

Welcome to the new website for the Dallas County Republican Party

We have a new website! the site is live now.

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