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Start a New Dialog

Dialogs are private threaded messages between you and one of our Precinct Chairs. Dialogs are private and encrypted in both directions. You can send a message to start a thread and get a reply in the same thread so it creates a two-way dialog. Dialogs can continue as long as both parties wish.

Use the "My Dialogs" page to see all of the Dialogs you have started in the past.

All Dialog messages must be one-on-one messages between you and one Precinct Chair. Group messages are not allowed.

You will get an e-mail notice when new traffic is added to your Dialogs. However, you can opt out of getting e-mail notifications if you wish by using the opt-in/opt-out option through the "Watcher" function at the bottom of each Dialog's message thread. The Watcher function is granular to each thread so you can opt out of some but remain opted in on others.

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