Sep 23

DA Investigating Court-Forged Eviction Notice


The Dallas County DA office has opened a probe into Justice Of The Peace Court Precinct 2, Place 1.


The Dallas Morning News moved a story last nevening titled:

"Dallas County district attorney probes allegations court forged eviction notice.
A justice of the peace court is under scrutiny after an attorney for a Mesquite mother said the court fabricated an eviction hearing notice."


Justice of the Peace Margaret O’Brien who sits in the JP Court Precinct 2, Place 1 is the opponent of our candidate, Stephen Stanley, in the November 8th election. See Stephen's Candidate profile at

Please note that according to the article, "The scope of the probe and who from Judge Margaret O’Brien’s court is under investigation are both unclear."

If true, this is ethically-challenged behavior in this JP court and, at the very least, it shows a poorly run court. We call upon Dallas County Democratic Party Chairwoman, Kristy Noble, to disassociate from her candidate.