Open Voting Centers

Open Voting Centers for Election Day, November 8th

There are two open Voting Centers that need a Republican Alternate Judge willing to serve on Election Day, November 8, 2022, in Dallas County. These are all a result of last-minute cancelations of previously-scheduled assignments.

However, that could change at any time this week as unplanned last-minute schedule changes happen due to personal situations with Judges (illness, emergencies, etc.) Please revisit this page. We have reached that phase in our scheduling where we are becoming very stable and I don't expect many changes to happen now except for emergencies. If you are interested, at the button below, you can add your name to the list for any opening that comes up.

Please note that the current situation could change if we get any new last-minute cancelations/declines from Election Workers due to personal emergency situations. Out of 53 Early Voting Centers and 463 Election Day Voting Centers, these situations do occur and we must react quickly to fill them.

FYI, all Early Voting locations are filled as well as all Election Day Presiding Judge positions. Currently, only Alternate Judge Assignments are available are for Election Day. The pins on the map are the only assignments currently available. The map is dynamic and will changes as we add open Voting Centers and/or fill them. Please note that if you are an existing Election Judge with a pre-existing assignment, your assignment has already been submitted to the Dallas County Elections Department and we will be unable to re-assign you to another location at this time.

If you are a Registered Voter and live in Dallas County. please help us out and claim one of these open assignments. If you are willing, click the button below and complete the short form, someone will get back to you quickly.

Yes, I will Commit To Serving as an Election Judge

Retired View from 10-14-2022 When There Were 24 Voting Centers Needing Clerks