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May 15

Texas SB14 Passes In Texas House

What a huge success for Texas children! Republican Party Legislative Priority "Ban Gender Modification" in the form of SB 14 passes the House 87- 56 in spite of huge protests in the House Gallery, which delayed it twice. Friday, May 12, 2023.  This day should be respected as the day on which an extremely courageous Democrat, Shawn Thierry stood up for children all over Texas and stood strong against the horrors of surgically or medically mutilating children who do not have the developed maturity to make decisions of this nature.

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Apr 21

One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Justice for All

We constantly hear cries that the Democrats are always united and Republicans are seen as bickering.  In some ways that is true.  It is nothing new and has been going on for many years.  You have all heard me say “The best thing about Republicans is that they are each fiercely independent, and the worst thing about Republicans is that they are each fiercely independent.”  On this we can probably all agree.  But, as we embark on what is likely to be a lively Republican Presidential Primary, we need to reflect on why, at the end of the day, we must be united.  And, that is to preserve our Republic, freedom and the American culture.  We, as Republicans are in a fight to preserve our way of life in our country.

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Mar 30

All Americans Must Stand!

This blog is not a Republican blog.  It is not a conservative blog.  It is an American blog.  The weaponization of the legal system to advance any political agenda, let alone a radical political agenda, is not just political persecution – it is un-American.  Those who hate President Trump, hate American values.  They hate you, and they hate me.  They hate patriotism – and they do not care whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent.  They have an agenda.

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Mar 24

2023 Building the Party and Uniting Republicans for 2024

For the first time ever the Dallas County Republican Party is openly committed to Local Elections for Municipal and School Board races.  It all begins at the local level!  We've gathered a core group of candidates all across Dallas County for which we are proudly supporting to reverse the liberal stranglehold on the City of Dallas and surrounding Dallas County. 

This is not a one-election miracle enfolding, but a focused effort to make a difference over however long it takes.  We choose to stand and fight!  Our website DallasGOP now reaches over 50,000 new Republicans every month to get the latest information to Dallas County and to educate our voters on upcoming elections, events, training, candidates, precinct chairs and getting out the vote.  It all depends on YOU!  Please VOTE during the May 6 Election.

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Mar 17

Every Vote Counts - Don't Waste Yours

We have all heard the saying: “Every Vote Counts.” And, it could not be more true than in local municipal and school board elections.  Why?  Because very few people vote, making your vote even more powerful.  In the last municipal election cycle throughout Dallas County, less than 7% of the registered voters actually voted. LESS THAN 7%!  While that does not seem possible, it is the reality.  And of those who voted, Democrats show up on a much larger scale than Republicans. 

Given the critical importance of local elections, it is very hard to understand the apathy of any voters, let alone conservative voters.  The decisions of our City Council, particularly in our weak Mayor system, affect our daily lives more than many of the national issues we hear about in the media.  In fact, many of the landmark federal policies in this country have emanated from the local level.

We must be active at the local level to hold out elected officials accountable, stop policies we do not agree with, and create the change that we want not only at home, but throughout the country.

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Mar 10

Texas and Florida Are Where Woke Goes To Die!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis headlined the Dallas County Republican Party’s most successful Reagan Day Dinner in the local Party’s history, setting an all-time fundraising record!

Lane Sullivan, Reagan Dinner Event Chairwoman, kicked off the evening at the Omni Dallas Hotel Saturday, March 4 where more than 700 GOP loyalists, patrons, elected officials, dignitaries and special guests gathered to honor the legacy of Ronald Reagan, 40tth President of the United States, celebrate our Grand Ole Party, and to pay tribute to Doug Deason, recipient of the Fred R. Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Mar 03

The Frontline in the Fight for Honest Elections

It is that time, again. We are recruiting Election Judges for 2023.

Yes, for the upcoming May 6th Local Election but also to become “appointed judges” through Dallas County Commissioners Court later this summer; something we do every two years. This cycle is important because it set the roster of anointed judges that will be in place for the 2024 Primary and General Election.

Good, trained, and strong Election Judges, both Presiding Judges and Alternate Judges are the "first team" in holding fair and transparent elections in Dallas County. They are the bulwark against malfeasance in the way elections are conducted. They are our frontline and a critical part of the conduct of all elections.

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Feb 24

Why We Fight

We have focused on supporting our families, raising our children, and worshipping our God in whatever form that may be.  We voted for those we thought were doing their jobs for the good of the whole community and left them to discover that they had incredible power to do the bidding of a few.  Their 'job' ended up being just a facade for their 'agenda'.  Incrementally, they pushed 'their' agenda into whatever nook and cranny they could find a place to drive a wedge.  The City of Dallas and Dallas County once were strong Republican strongholds. 

It is important to understand why we fight to stop the damage done in Dallas County.  Please VOTE for your City Council and School Board Candidates on May 6.  Know your candidates.  Get informed and involved.  Save our Cities and Schools.

Stay tuned. 

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