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Jan 27

Upcoming Municipal & School Board Elections. Its all about LOCAL!

What are YOUR issues that are most concerning to YOU and your family in Dallas or surrounding suburban areas?

We need you now more than ever for change!  It is imperative you know for WHOM you are voting and can ask the hard questions regarding what kind of leadership they can provide.  These candidates will not have an R or a D by their names, but having a conversation with them will help you choose.  If you don't heed the call to run for office, then volunteer to block walk, make phone calls, and contribute to your candidates' campaigns.  Our website calendar will be filled with candidate meet & greets and offer you an opportunity to ask them questions about what issues are concerning to YOU and your family.  This will be a very low-turnout election and just a few votes will vastly affect the outcomes.  Please make your vote count with informed decisions.  

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Jan 20

It is Time to Push the 88th Texas Legislative Session For Additional Election Integrity Support

We all have concerns about election integrity that are deeply rooted and long abiding. In Dallas County, after a year and a half of making election integrity one of the prime points of focus for the Dallas County Republican Party, we have made significant strides forward in Dallas County. No, we’re not yet fully where we need to be, so we should (and will) continue with our focus and intensity to restore trust in elections.

It is time, once again, to make our collective voices heard in the Texas Legislature in order to make further improvements in all election integrity matters in Texas. Many of the needed steps forward are going to require legislation.

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Jan 13

Bus Trip to Austin

Over 81% of Republicans chose in our March 1 Primary that their #5 Legislative Priority would be to ban the common practice of appointing members of the minority party as Committee Chairs. It was affirmed by the delegates attending the Republican Party of Texas State Convention in Houston this past June.

To support the Legislative Priority of appointing, Republican County Parties (including the Dallas County Republican Party) from all over Texas chartered buses and formed car caravans to convey hundreds of grassroots Republicans to Austin to meet with our Representatives and fill the Gallery in the House. Over 600 wore red t-shirts to make ourselves visible. You can see us in the Gallery in the attached photo.  Over 1,000 attended and made their voices heard.

Along the way something happened.

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Jan 06

The 88th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature Begins Tuesday

One of my favorite pieces of Texas slang such as the contraction of the past participle of the word “do.” “Doin’s” usually denotes important events and “big doin’s” means something important as “all git-out.” Our legislators meet for 140 days every two years and they are “fix’n” to start next Tuesday to “git’r done.”

There is a lot of important work to be done in the upcoming 88th Legislative Session. There will be many bills filed, debated, and voted. Some will be big legislation, some small. All will be important because it is the State’s business. To put the focus on our priorities, there are the eight legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.

Okay, Texas Representatives and Senators, git’r done! “Texas are ready and rarin’ so go right quick

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Dec 30

Happy New Year and a Resolution Suggestion for the New Year

Happy New Year! We hope you have a joyous and successful 2023.

We want to especially thank all the people who supported us and helped the Dallas County Republican Party in 2022 by volunteering. We made great strides in building the Party and are endeavoring to do even more in 2023 as we build on the foundational work from this year.

As a volunteer myself, I would like to ask all of the 2022 volunteers to join me in my New Year’s Resolution to redouble our volunteering efforts in 2023. Also, if you are a potentially new volunteer, resolve to join us in 2023 in any of the many positions we have available. 

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Dec 23

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

This quote is more often than not attributed to Edmund Burke, but his credit has often been disputed.  But a truer statement has never been made, regardless of who said it.  Many of you reading this have now come to realize how some of the evil that has permeated our country has been so incrementally slow over the past 50 years that we didn't notice how it was affecting our daily lives.

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Dec 16

Introducing the Restoring Trust in Elections Project

We clearly struck a chord with last Friday’s blog posting of December 9th! The article is resonating with people throughout and well beyond Dallas County.

I have been contacting other County Chairs and I can tell you that we are not alone! There are plenty of other counties that are facing the same lack of trust in voting machine issues that Dallas County is facing, and I am working to lead a coalition do something about it.

Texas needs to lead the charge in fixing the voting machine problem that faces many counties and states across our nation.

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Dec 09

It Is Time to Get Rid of Black Box Voting

Dallas County like much of Texas has very real problems with our current voting systems. After three years of diligent effort, we strongly believe that our current generation of voting equipment and processes have failed to win the trust of a large part of the public. We have tried to work with these systems but no longer think that these can be made trustworthy.

We strongly believe that we can’t put our votes at risk any further.

We simply must get opaque voting systems (those that are not transparent) out of our election systems. That means no machines with modems or internet connections of any kind. 

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