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May 17

Leaving a Legacy

I came into the Chairmanship in August 2021 – in the aftermath of the failed 2020 Presidential election. To say that the Dallas County Republican Party was ready for a restart is an understatement that few can appreciate.

The Party was all but obsolete. In less than three years, with the blessing of an amazing staff and an army of dedicated and resilient volunteers, we have built a lasting legacy of which to be proud.

In addition to the positive changes and accomplishments, we have led with grace and integrity and established a reputation around the State of Texas that has made Dallas County a leader in the Texas Republican Party. On the Texas Elections Commission, I garnered the respect of my Democratic colleagues and won many victories for the DCRP. We are leaving the Party with the essential foundations necessary to build a strong party and achieve even greater victories for years to come. We are very proud of the legacy we have built, and we are committed to support and help the new leadership build on our achievements.

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Jan 12

Election Integrity Needs You!

Are you concerned about election integrity?  GET INVOLVED!  We need you to serve as a Judge or Clerk in the upcoming March 5 Primary and the November 2024 Presidential Election.  Do not know what these jobs entail?  No problem – WE WILL TRAIN YOU. 

Serving as an election worker is a critical election integrity tool, gets you involved in the process and is fun!  Change will not come from your couch.  Join us in protecting our Republic!  We want to meet you.

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Jan 08

We Want You!

We have a very important municipal election coming up on May 4, 2024, for MANY school board seats throughout Dallas County including in Carrollton-Farmers Branch, Coppell, Cedar Hill, Dallas, DeSoto, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Irving, and Mesquite, and several city council seats.  In addition, several city council seats are up in Addison, Balch Springs, Carrollton, Coppell, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving, and Sachse. Tired of what they are teaching or not teaching our children in our public schools?  GET INVOLVED.  Tired of your tax dollars being wasted on woke programs?  GET INVOLVED.  Let’s make sure we have Republicans running in every single race.  These local races are where we start to take Dallas County back! 

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Dec 10

Victory In Rowlett: We Flipped a Blue Seat Red!

And it was a landslide. Saturday night, conservative candidate Jonathan Reaves won his runoff against Democrat Kellie McKee 56.48% to 43.52%, turning a seat on the Rowlett City Council that was blue to red! We could not be prouder of Reaves. In a crowded field, Reaves came in second in the special election on November 7th. But that put him into a runoff in a head-to-head race with McKee.

The Dallas County Republican Party weighed in heavily on the Rowlett special election, utilizing a strong messaging campaign to get voters out for Reaves. The DCRP used its newly developed data to message conservatives throughout Rowlett, letting them know about the runoff and reminding them to get out and vote for Reaves.  He did an excellent job of communicating his conservative values to those who shared them and inspired his fellow voters to get to the polls! There are no such things as non-partisan elections.

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Nov 29

Meeting with Texas Secretary of State, Jane Nelson

Yesterday, I traveled to Austin to meet with Texas Secretary of State Jane Nelson with Dallas GOP Election Integrity Chair, Wes Bowen, Senator Tan Parker, who helped facilitate the meeting, and well-known election integrity expert Russ Ramsland.  We met face-to-face with Secretary Nelson and her senior staff for well over an hour. The specific purpose of the visit was to discuss the E-Pollbook failures and/or manipulation that Dallas County experienced in the November 2022 Midterms and again in the November 2023 Constitutional Election. It is just the beginning of an in-depth discussion about the vulnerability of machine voting.  The goal is to set the path for elections in regionally combined precinct centers that have hand-counted paper ballots.   

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Nov 11

The E-Pollbook Saga Continues

Here we go again . . .   You may recall my December 9, 2022, blog titled “It Is Time to Get Rid of Black Box Voting” (click to read). You may also recall the issues we had on the November 8, 2022, Election Day voting with the E-Pollbooks surging at the close of the voting polls – far in excess of the number of voters who checked in at the locations.  History is repeating itself. 

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Sep 18

Forgive and Forget

These are words that we live by as people of Faith.  But these are words that too many of us forget to live by politically. Forgiving and forgetting should be at the foremost of our minds today, after suffering through the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton.  Our Dallas County Republican Party Executive Committee condemned the State House impeachment procedure – for good reason.  Impeachment should be an extreme remedy and not tossed around lightly as we have seen too often as of late.  To push an impeachment through a legislative body in a few hours at the end of a long legislative session on the heels of criticism of the House Speaker’s sobriety on the floor does not seem to me to be prudent. Let’s be honest, it just looks like retaliation.

Now we move on. As Republicans protecting the great State of Texas, we must unite and move on. We cannot allow Democrats, the media, and even ourselves to get in the way of uniting all conservatives across our county, state and country.

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Jul 28

SCOTUS Made for an Extra Happy Independence Day This Year

Arguably, President Trump’s most important accomplishment was the appointment of three mostly very solid Supreme Court judges, so-say the three big rulings that came down at the very end of June.  While most readers here will have seen at least the headlines, some texture could come in handy to help educate the CNN watchers or New York Times readers with whom you might cross paths!

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