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Sep 18

Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget.

These are words that we live by as people of Faith.  But these are words that too many of us forget to live by politically. Forgiving and forgetting should be at the foremost of our minds today, after suffering through the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton.  Our Dallas County Republican Party Executive Committee condemned the State House impeachment procedure – for good reason.  Impeachment should be an extreme remedy and not tossed around lightly as we have seen too often as of late.  To push an impeachment through a legislative body in a few hours at the end of a long legislative session on the heels of criticism of the House Speaker’s sobriety on the floor does not seem to me to be prudent. Let’s be honest, it just looks like retaliation.

We have checks and balances in our government for a reason – to ensure that one branch of government cannot act in an arbitrary and capricious manner.   We should all be encouraged that the checks and balances inherent in our Texas system of government worked during this unfortunate procedure.  The Texas State Senators acquitted Attorney General Paxton.  And, while this was a political proceeding, I do not believe that the verdict was political.  Rather, the House Managers simply failed to meet the required burden of proof – guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Impeachment is not about certain actions of an elected official being “wrong” or “right.” Impeachment was meant for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  While some may be critical of certain actions of the Attorney General, there simply was not admissible, convincing and credible evidence that rose to the level of overturning the choice made by over four million Texas voters.  The Texas State Senate, led by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, did its job as the Texas Constitution intended.  It patiently listened to the evidence, allowed the process to play out with complete transparency, and came to a credible and respected verdict of not guilty.

Now we move on.  As Republicans protecting the great State of Texas, we must unite and move on. We cannot allow Democrats, the media, and even ourselves to get in the way of uniting all conservatives across our county, state and country.  We need to unite and work together to protect and address the needs of our school children in the upcoming special legislative session.  And, we MUST unite and work together to ensure sweeping Republican victories in 2024.  While you might disagree with your Republican neighbor about certain issues, we must all keep our eye on the real opponent, the far-left liberal Democrats who are desperately trying to fundamentally change our way of life in the greatest country on earth. I ask that each of you join me in forgiving, forgetting, uniting, and working as hard as possible to support all conservative candidates in the upcoming political cycles.  Join us now. Become a voter registrar, a poll worker, or a poll watcher.  Volunteer to identify and assist with community events, promote early voting, and help our brothers and sisters in need with mail-in ballots. Only TOGETHER can we make a difference.  Please join us at


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Forgive, yes.
Forget! That is totally impractical. Think about Dick Cheney and when he accidentally shot Harry Whittington on a hunting trip. Whittington never forgot the incident, though he forgave Cheney.

It is totally inappropriate to force the pairing of the two words.
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MAGA will never forget that Angie Chen Button voted with RINO Dade Phelan to impeach Ken Paxton. Button will vote for Dade Phelan, who will not stop his efforts to oust Paxton and other MAGA Republicans, as Speaker again. Phelan is a cancer to the GOP and will eventually destroy the party. Button and Phelan must be replaced with conservative Republicans who will not sabotage their own party for political power. In effect, these RINOs are more dangerous than the Democrats. Jennifer is either blind to this reality or part of the Bush apparatus, assisting their power grab.
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