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Apr 21

One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Justice for All

We constantly hear cries that the Democrats are always united and Republicans are seen as bickering.  In some ways that is true.  It is nothing new and has been going on for many years.  You have all heard me say “The best thing about Republicans is that they are each fiercely independent, and the worst thing about Republicans is that they are each fiercely independent.”  On this we can probably all agree.  But, as we embark on what is likely to be a lively Republican Presidential Primary, we need to reflect on why, at the end of the day, we must be united.  And, that is to preserve our Republic, freedom and the American culture.  We, as Republicans are in a fight to preserve our way of life in our country.

Don’t get me wrong, I encourage and appreciate strong political debate.  It I part of what we fight for, and we need it.  It shapes who we are as fellow Republicans.  We must agree to disagree, but ultimately, we are family and we must come together.  The liberal wing of our country, which the Democrats presently seem to support without waiver, is pushing an America based on cultural identity groups that are ranked by the level of their victimhood.  It destroys the color-blind goals of our country and replaces it with rank racism. It favors a community hierarchy system over the individual rights granted to every American by our beloved Declaration of Independence.  The far left in our country is trying to rewrite history, reinvent our education system with political indoctrination, destroy faith-based moral guidance, and devalue the family unit upon which our county was built. They have a totalitarian attitude. It is “my way of the highway.”  And they are using political correctness as their hammer.

I did not think I would live long enough to see the change in our country that has occurred since the Obama Administration.  My children, who are in their 20s, are very concerned.  We cannot get so bogged down in our differences on our level of conservatism, candidates, gun rights, education, religion, abortion, the border, etc... that we lose our way and our unity.  All of these issues are very important, of course.  But what is critical at the moment is our system of justice and the preservation of our Republic and the rights granted to us by our Founding Fathers.

So, let us see the forest through the trees. Let us engage in friendly, substantive debate.  But let’s get it over with and move on to saving our amazing country – before it is too late. 

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